Why greed?

Is it important for any person to become greedy? Can a person live with minimal which he earns with hard work? Can someone be satisfied with what the Almighty has given it? Does honest and hard-working money have some value? Why does the person become so selfish that his eyes get covered with a black fold, and he cannot see his wrongdoing? Why does a person go beyond the limit of inhumanity? What factors influence a person to become greedy and selfish? Does the person have the ability to control his selfishness and greed? What factors make the person adopt the path of greed and selfishness? Are these external and external factors strong enough which gets the person to ignore how his actions have a bad impact on the others?

Is the intoxication of power more powerful than true love? Does this power and greed lead a person to commit more crimes, ignore justice, commit corruption and kill some innocent people? Are greed and selfishness an addiction that a person cannot give up? Is there a limit to one’s greed or selfishness? These questions did not cross her mind without any specific reason. Those questions have a very deep meaning in a woman’s life.

The woman heard the news that her bubby has ranked on the top list nationwide who collects blood money or bribes from everybody. She got very upset after listening to this news. She felt someone had punched her heart directly. The man she was proud of why doing such things. She was asked what he does with the money. Is he addicted to something? She was speechless for a while. Then replied, “No, he is not addicted to anything.” Later on, she thinks, “Yep, he is addicted to one thing that was why he went away from me.” She is told being lucky that she has gone far away from him; otherwise, she could also be counted equally responsible for his actions. Now she wonders if the list of his bribery was true, which has played a big role in parting them away. She thinks, “Does he know if someone is keeping the complete details of bribery? Does he know that list was used to blackmail me? No, he does not care about me. He has become selfish and only thinks about himself. Why should I care about him? He is gone for good from my life as many people think.”

The woman thinks, “what he will do with the money. Dear Inna boy has gone to the almighty, and the other does not know his existence. Who will pay for his sins? Had I been born to suffer for his sins? Was this the reason I had met him? I’ve always believed in honesty and hard work, but why has he gone in different directions? “

She started to pray and requested the Almighty, “Please, protect my bubby. Make him an honest and brave person as I always pictured him in my mind. Good or bad, he is the love of my life. “

Suddenly some thoughts come into her mind, which a wise man once told her, “The oath does not have a receipt. A promise doesn’t have a bill. A lover does not have a brain, and a deceiver does not have a heart. A liar is a sinner who doesn’t have any religion.”

At first, she thought that was her fault, then someone corrected her, “No, it is not your fault. He was like this before even you had met him. However, your life was only around, and you were never exposed to the outsider. So, nobody dares to tell you about his wrongdoing.”

She felt so embarrassed and ashamed. She wonders how they sleep well after enduring blood money and killing her innocent soul. He is part of that society where everything is possible and counts this bullshit as a normal action. She said loudly while praying, “Wow, I can’t believe it.” The news broke to her a couple of days ago, but it haunts her mind. She feels like her shattered soul has shattered more.

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