About the dream of a bear

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

The black and brownish-colored bear had sat at the roadside. People did not dare to do anything except watch him with fear. Unfortunately, the bear attempted to harm those who tried to go close to him. People were gossiping about killing the bear before he harmed the human race. They are worried about their children’s safety. But a little girl left the building and walked toward her home without any fear. A man shouted at her, “don’t go that way. A big bear is wandering there.” But the girl says, “I need to go home. I will be fine.”

She tells the man bravely, but inside she is very scared. She walked a little bit but stopped when she saw the big bear staring at her. She was frozen. Her feet were so heavy that she could not take another step. The big bear looked at her. Suddenly she ran with her full capacity toward her house. The bear started to follow the girl. She was running and thinking about how to trap the bear inside the room.

The big bear followed her and did not give her time to shut the door. He quickly entered her house. The girl opened the patio door and ran downstairs. She looked at the bear back forth. The bear had stood in the patio now. She attempted to jump down, but her left leg was stuck in the railing. She started to do the prayer. She looked at the bear and told him in a feeble voice, “plz, don’t eat me. You are a very cute and good beer.”

She tried her best to bribe him. The bear slowly came behind her. Her eyes were closed in fear, and she was waiting for the attack. Instead of biting, she felt the big bear keeping his head on her shoulder. He continued to rub his face against her face. He smelled her. Then, the big bear was trying to hide his face under her arm. The girl felt some similarities, and her fear was gone. She smiled and said, “Are you kidding me? I recognize you. I cannot believe that God has reincarnated you into the bear. It does not matter to me. You will always be my Banny boy.”

She suddenly heard villagers coming toward her home. She hid the big bear in the garage now and told the bear, “Let me send them away.” The villagers asked her, “where has the bear gone? We must kill him.” But she told the villagers the bear had gone toward the forest. After the villagers were gone, the girl came inside the garage and hugged the bear. Both were happy to see each other. The girl asked the big bear, “How have you recognized me? Are you hungry?” She asked many questions from the bear.

She told the bear, “okay, you stay here. I will bring your favorite cookies. Don’t come out.” She fed him cookies, and they played together. In the end, the big bear was ready to go back. He looked at her with curiosity like he told her, “I must go now.” Sadly, she was not ready to let him go. She would never be ready to let him go away. But she understood well that it would be best if he went home. She hugged him again and kissed him on his forehead. She told him, “Banny, the villagers are not very good and friendly. They will kill you. They think you are dangerous, but I know you are not. so, let me give you a ride.”

She opened the car door. The big bear jumped inside the car and comfortably sat on the front seat. She said, “seriously, your habits are the same. You are not a doggy boy anymore. People will easily see you.” However, as usual, the big bear refused to listen to her and looked away just like Banny used to do, “I don’t care, lady. Keep talking. I won’t move.”
She tried to hide him with a blanket, but he threw it away. The big bear wanted to look outside. As she drove the car outside the garage, people started to shout, “We need to kill him. He is dangerous.”
But no, the girl didn’t let anyone touch the bear. She drove quickly, and people were left behind. The bear and girl laughed and enjoyed their victory. She stopped the car in front of the forest. She hugged him again and told him, “Make a promise with me that you will never come toward the village. I will always find you. I will bring your favorite snacks but don’t try to eat me, though.” They separated again but were happy to meet.

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