The failed mission of creating a new hobby

The Lidder River in Aru Valley, Pahalgam, India

Everyone says, ”Munna, you need to create some hobbies. Only working is not called life. Watching the trees through the window is not the solution.”

Her children often say, ”mum, get a life.” co-workers say, ”create some hobby. Learn how to stitch, or sew, etc.” the woman laughs,” I was an over-protected child and wife. I never learned anything. I had spent my childhood playing with Binu and twins.”

Anyway, she thinks it is not rocket science; I could learn it now.” so she thought about making an effort to go to the local target, but then, as usual, she told herself, “no, why do I have to go to the store to buy a machine? Everything is online nowadays.” One week later, Amazon delivered the sewing machine. Taking it out of the box was not a hard part, but how to thread it was very complicated.

so she thought, “let’s go to her aunt’s house so it would be easy to learn it from her.” after eating home-cooked delicious food, she told her aunt, ”can you tell me how to probe the thread in the damn machine.” Her aunt looked at her as if she may be thinking, “seriously, you did not learn when it was the time. Now, you want to do it.”

Anyway, Aunt taught her how to probe the thread a couple of times. She could not learn it, but her male cousin learned it in a few seconds. After driving one hour back home, she had forgotten everything she had learned from her aunt. The next day Briana told her, “don’t give up. There are other hobbies,”

One of her co-workers said, “you should try reading books. Join the book club. There are a lot of books out there that you will like reading.” Okay, so she ordered a couple of books from Amazon. After reading one page, she put the book away because her brain was still traveling in the wrong direction while reading the book. It meant her lips were reading, but her brain was not perceiving it. Her eyes were not very helpful either. So, reading the books and joining the book club ended even before it started.

Toddarmal said, “You should try some gardening.” She thought, “not a bad idea; I know a couple of things while walking with my chachu to the farmhouse. At least, I was a favorite niece of the farmer. I was always better than Binu. Isn’t what chachu always told me”.

At 2 am, she texted her gardener, “Roberto, can you come tomorrow to help me out.” Waking up at 2 am to receive her text message, Roberto was not very happy. Who would be happy waking up in the middle of the night to listen to her new hobby idea, which she may change her mind by around 0800? But she was determined to do it.

At 10 am, she went to the local home depot and bought the plants, seeds, flowers, and other supplies. It cost more than $567, but the hobby is a hobby, and she would do anything to forget the demons that always stay inside her. Roberto reached her house at 5 pm. A cowboy from Texas moved to Chicago, who glared at her first and then looked at the plants and flowers. He could not hide his feeling,” what are you planning to do with this stuff.” She said, “creating a new hobby.”

God knows if Roberto understands her fully, but he started to help her. She was not sure if Roberto had a problem taking orders from the woman or if she was interfering a lot because he texted her children to tell their mother to leave him alone. He didn’t like her idea of how to plant a certain way. She could not dig a hole herself. So, Roberto was her only option. Roberto is a professional landscaper, and he does not want his profession to be ruined because of her ideas.

He advised, “you sit there and write whatever you always do. Please, let me do my job.” She was like, “This is my backyard, and I want to do whatever I like. However, Roberto thought it was his job to make sure the lawn looked perfect. She received a text message from her son, “Mum, please, let him do his job. I don’t want him to quit the job. I am busy studying and working, so I don’t have time to mow the lawn.”

She said, “whatever.” She sat there quietly and watched Roberto plant the flowers and plants. Suddenly, she looked at herself. She was sitting in the same position, and her way of observing like her Bubby used to do it. The exact style and look she had. The creation of new hobbies ended there.

The excitement of creating a hobby disappeared in a few seconds. While coming inside the house, she said, “damn, 100% true he is the part of my soul that nobody can separate from me. The only difference is that one had chosen the path of hard work, daring truth, took responsibility for the actions, and believed in hard-earned money. She shook her head, “nobody could defeat me except the list of your bad actions, including blood-sucking money of innocents and the lives of innocents.”

She said, “maybe my part of the soul is born to pay for the sins of your part of the soul. Aren’t we part of each other? Good or bad, we are part of each other. It sucks, but that is the reality. God, continue to punish me for his sins. I don’t need any hobbies. I am good the way I am”.

2 thoughts on “The failed mission of creating a new hobby

    1. I love nature. I had spent hours and hours playing in the nature when I was a child.
      I sent you an email couple of weeks ago asking if your daughter has been selected for medical school?


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