Unfinished Business


While walking at the riverbank, Zia thinks, “Life goes on. It never stops. It does not wait for anybody. That is why people say life is selfish and death is imminent. I am still alive. I have failed everybody who told me that I would not survive without him. So it does not matter anymore if my soul is dead.”
Suddenly, she sees a house located away from Bubby’s jurisdiction, but she could still see the view of her beautiful valley from there. After stopping for a few minutes at the doorstep, she finally knocks at the door. The middle-aged woman opens the door and introduces herself to Zia, ” My name is Naseem, and I am the daughter of your father’s friend.”
Naseem continues to talk, “I hope you will like it here. Let me show you your room.” Then, Naseem asks Zia, “why have you preferred to live in this remote area?”
Zia says slowly, like talking to herself, “I have left some unfinished business.”
Zia turns backward to tell Naseem as she enters the room, “Please, do not disturb me. I will call you in case I need anything.” Naseem feels a little disappointed, but she tells Zia before leaving the room, ” please, don’t hesitate to call me.”
While walking back to her office, Naseem thinks, “Yes, she is the same as my father has described her. She is no different from her father.”
Zia locks the door and screens the room carefully. Lately, she has become paranoid. The room is not up to her standard, but it is not bad either.
While fixing the room, Zia sees two eyes staring at her through the hole in the window’s curtain. But, of course, she is Naseem, who is curious about why Zia is here and what her unfinished business is.
Zia has not opened her door since she arrived. Outside the room, Naseem thinks, “she has not eaten or drank anything since she has arrived; how she can survive without food. I can’t live without food for more than one hour.”
The next afternoon, Zia wakes up to some loud noise. She sees through the window that a cop is slapping Naseem. Zia comes out of her room and beats the cop badly. While Naseem is crying and telling Zia, “Please, stop. He is my husband. Don’t beat him.” Zia grabs the man from his collar and says, “If you ever touch her again, I will cut your fucking hands.”
Before she comes back to her room, she asks Naseem, “Now, I like to have a cup of my tea.” Before going inside the kitchen to make tea for Zia, Naseem looks at her husband with a victorious smile.
After drinking tea, Zia leaves the house on foot. She stops for a few seconds to look toward the valley. Zia’s valley was shining with white snow. Instead of going toward the valley, she starts walking opposite. Zia has to reach the bridge in five minutes. If the intel is right, she should walk faster before he passes the bridge. She hides in the bushes at the side of the bridge. Suddenly, she sees a white car coming over the bridge. The car’s speed gets very slow as it approaches the middle of the bridge. It is Zia’s best chance now; otherwise, never.
As the car approaches closer, Zia suddenly comes in front of the car. She looks at him. He sits in the back seat of the car. The driver is new and does not know her, so he honks repeatedly. Finally, she hears a familiar voice, “It is okay. Let her come.”
Zia opens the back door, and she looks at him for a few seconds. Then, she tells him, “I need to talk to you. I need to ask some sensitive questions. Do you want to step out of the car? or do you want me to ask in front of them?”
Bubby is a good actor. He is an artist. So, he tells the driver, “I will step out. You stay here.”
As Zia turns a little away from the car, the driver speeds up the car. But, instead of the car going forward, it ends up in the high flow water of the river. Zia screams and jumps into the river. As she pulls him out of the river, he becomes pulseless. While yelling at the driver, Zia starts to do the chest compression on him, “If he dies, you all are dead. If I had to kill him, I could have done it long ago when he slept next to me. so, go and get some help.” After a few compressions, he woke up staring at her. Finally, Zia asks him directly, “why are you running away from me like a coward? I am the same person whom you once loved so much. Are you afraid of me? Can’t you face me?”
She yells at the driver, “Take him into the hospital. I will talk to him when he is in his full senses. I want him to look into my eyes when he answers my questions.” Then she turns toward him, “you can hide from me. But I will always find you.”
The next day, she goes into his office. He is now in his uniform. He is busy writing something. The bodyguards smile at her as she enters his office. They have not tried stopping her. His face turns many colors as he sees her. Zia tells him directly, “you can always hide like a coward or answer my questions. I have only seven questions for you. I will keep hunting for you until I get answers to all those questions. You decide if you are willing to answer now, and you will never see me again. I love you a lot, but I don’t appreciate stopping at places, especially where my feelings are valueless. But, it is also important to get some answers from you.”
He looks the same but sad, which she doesn’t care about anymore. It has been four years now. Nothing has changed, but also everything has changed a lot. Her soul is empty, but her feelings are also dead. The look inside her eyes is dark and sad. He held her in his arms and kissed her multiple times, which had not changed her mind.
Zia has asked seven questions from him, but he has answered only one. He became speechless for the rest of the questions, and he could not find any words to answer her.
She asks him, “Have you ever missed me? or was I only a worldly or mechanical thing to you whom you used and then left alone to die when it comes to making a decision.”
Bubby sighs, “I do miss you every day. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Can’t you feel my love for you? But nobody cares what I want to do?”
Suddenly, Zia becomes angry, “What did you say that nobody cares about you? You have been given a chance to make your decision. Instead, you failed to provide justice. Don’t tell me this bull and cock story ever again. I thought you were the brave man who provided justice. But I was wrong. Before meeting you, I did have some desires, dreams, and hopes which had kept me alive. But your act of cowardliness has taken my life away. Now I only breathe to pass this life cycle which is not easy. Are you happy? Are you enjoying your life? I never thought you would be a selfish person who did not hesitate to kill the woman you once loved.”
Zia does not want to stop there anymore but doesn’t want to leave either. She knows well that she won’t ever see her loving man again if she leaves now. But, she does not want to stay either because this is not the same man she had loved once. In front of her, today is standing a selfish, materialistic killer and cowardly man. Such a person does not have a place in her life. Suddenly, it comes into her mind, “Good or bad, and he is the love of my life.”
She has struggled for the last four years. People often say, “Munna, move on.” She does not have any answer for them. She is confused like hell. She tells herself, “Where I should move on with my broken heart, a shattered soul, dead desires, and nightmares. I will continue to take a breath to complete this life cycle because I do not have another choice or options left. I can’t fight with the decision of the almighty.”
She walks toward her car and tells Inna boy, “your last chance. Do you want to stay with them? they are your parents.”
Inna shrugs his shoulders, “No, they are mean and selfish. I would rather stay with you.” They started walking toward their safe homes. Her beautiful valley is shining in golden color, possibly reflecting the sun setting. She starts driving toward the valley. The soil is eager to mix with its originality.

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