some myth and fact


Time does not wait for anybody. It constantly moves forward at its own pace. Many say time heals the wounds. Does it heal the wounds or make the person capable of hiding their wounds from others? It depends on how they perceive if time allows them to heal or hide their internal wounds. Many end up compromising the situation, while some develop immunity. Each individual is different, and so is their mechanism of coping with their pains. Thus, without knowing the reality, a person should never prejudge others. A wise person said, “clean your finger before you point it at others.”

Yes, no doubt, it is an era of both darkness and science. However, I am not sure if both eras have interchangeable correlations or if they incidentally have to be happening simultaneously. For example, how many educated people still believe in an old-fashioned lifestyle? Yes, many generations still believe in humanity, but most of them continue to lose it to modernization and materialism. Everybody seems to be racing to get in front of the line. It does not matter to them if they need to lose conscience or humanity, but definitely, they have to be in front of the line. I fail to understand these types of people.
Women are the enemies of women. But, unfortunately, some of them don’t hesitate to let other women suffer for their selfishness. Men have a different ego compared to women. Not all of them, but the majority of them are imprisoned with their fake egos. The ego has strongly blinded them, and they can’t even see the truth. If someone challenges their ego incidentally, they get hurt. Their egos get hurt, so they take revenge, hurting them back.
Some women chose to sacrifice while others took advantage of their sacrifice. Similar to women, some men don’t get influenced by fake egos. Those men and women are rare to find. They are down-to-earth people. I often say, “You won’t find them in the sunlight or moonlight. Instead, they will find you.” Now, this depends on karma. Of course, many of us don’t believe in karma. I did not believe in karma, but my struggles made me believe in karma. In my teen years, I believed that the person makes their karma. But, I was completely wrong about it. Over this period, I have learned that everything has been written before our birth. Nobody could change it. I tried changing mine, but I failed. My beloved man had made a promise to me to change my karma. So, of course, he had changed my life; unfortunately, in a different direction.

In the end, I started to believe in the decision of God, and I have accepted it happily. Sometimes, the person cannot change others, but at least they can themselves. Laughingly, sometimes we try changing others, but it goes vice versa.
Life is a struggle and has many slippery slopes. Unfortunately, some individuals’ lives are full of struggles, and they meet slippery slopes in each corner of their life. As a result, they become unhappy and disappointed. Some of them lose the battle while others continue to fight back. Many have only happiness in their life. They don’t struggle much, and they don’t frequently deal with the slippery slopes. Guess what? They feel so bored, and they are not happy with their life either. Isn’t that strange? However, this is a life cycle. It depends on the individual to accept or reject it.
What is important is how do you want to live your life? Do you want to live your life on your terms without hurting somebody? Or do you want to become like a man full of ego or a woman full of selfishness? If so, what would be your answer to your almighty at the time of judgment day if you are a religious person? You still have options which are to remove the fake religious cover or stop showing off. Show your real face or soul, and you have better chances to pass the judgment day. At least you will not be deceiving your almighty.

2 thoughts on “some myth and fact

  1. I’ve been thinking about this subject recently — maybe an aging thing. 🙂

    There is a story in the Christian Bible about a woman who so loved Jesus that she opened an expensive box of perfume and anointed His feet not long before He was crucified. Jesus called it a symbolic act that was for His burial even thought the woman didn’t understand that he would soon die.

    But, John (the man who wrote the story down) mentioned that the whole house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. I love that part of the story. It’s simple, but I’d like to think that my love for God and family and people could waft out like perfume and fill “the house.” That would be a good way to live in any era I think.

    Blessings, Munna Sara. I suspect God can start a new chapter in your life anytime you would like!!

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