A Nasty Creature


She is walking alone through a dense forest. She looks at each tree and gently touches their leaves as she is very careful not to damage their natural beauty. Then, suddenly, she sees a long path surrounded by tall chinar trees leading to the top of the hill. The view looks stunningly beautiful. It seems that this beautiful path leads directly to heaven. She stops at the bottom of the hill for a few minutes to think before walking up.
As she takes her first step up the mountainous path, she sees three local young teenagers trying to say something to her. Those teenage girls look beautiful in their local traditional dress. They come close to her and politely ask her, “Who are you? Why are you going down this path?”
She turns to the girls and tells them. “This road is going straight to heaven. I have to go there.” One of the girls tells him, “Have you not heard the news yet? This road is no longer safe.”
She smiles and tells the girls, “Yes, the journey to heaven is never easy. So many obstacles come in our way, and we must fight back. But when you step towards heaven, the demons and devils always come to a stop.’
Neither she nor the girls know whether they are talking about the same topic or different. Finally, another girl, dressed in a dark green phiran, softly tells her, “No, I suspect demons or devils have taken control of this path. We heard a rumor that a strange creature kidnaps a lone traveler and then disappears into the dense forest. he had taken away many villagers, and nobody could find those lost villagers.”
The girls keep explaining to her not to go on this path alone. But she has already made her decision. Once she makes a decision, no one can change her mind. She is fearless and loves to challenge herself. It doesn’t matter if she wins or loses, but she likes to unravel her inquisitive mind and likes to discover the truth.
As she tries to take another step, another girl asks, “If you don’t mind, we can join you. That way, you won’t be alone, and the strange creature won’t kidnap you.” She turns to the girl, “I’m not alone. There are three of us already. So please, don’t follow me.” The girls look around, but they do not see anyone there. Finally, the girls ask her again, “We don’t see anyone else.”
She smiles and tells them, “Yes, I am the only one who can see them.”
Finally, the local girls give up and tell her, “Okay, as you wish.”
she starts to climb the mountain by following the chinar path. She smiles because the girls cannot see her friends: Banny and Ina. She feels happy, “Only I could see my mut.”
She is very cautious while she is walking up the mountain. She tells the boys, “Stay close to me. Those girls could be right. I don’t want the nasty creature to take you away from me.” A little fear comes into her mind, but then she tells herself, “No, nobody can take them away from me. They have chosen me, and they will remain with me. Everything else is gone, which I don’t care about anymore.”
They reach up at their home, which is on the top of the mountain. She tells the boys, “Boys, look over there. That is my apple house. I grew up there when I was a little kid like you. But I was cuter than you guys.” The boys look at her like saying, “seriously, mom, you were cute once.”

At night time, they have decided to sleep on the cot outside the house at the bank of the river under the sky while snowing heavily. She sleeps in the middle. Banny jumps in and out of the cot many times. She and Ina yell at Banny not to do it. The next morning, she woke up alone in her safe house. Banny and Ina were not there. Neither there was her valley nor her apple house. She didn’t get sad. She smiled as usual.

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