A request for a special dream

She thought of last night’s dream while driving down the road. Why did I have this dream? What was the meaning of this dream? In this dream, she was on a public bus. Did she ever ride in the public bus in her life? No, she does not recall if she ever rode on the bus in her life. But, this bus was very modern. It was similar to a modern RV but full of passengers.

Where did those passengers come from? Did she know the passengers? No, they were unknown, but the driver seems to be familiar. She thought, “Who is the driver? Why does he look familiar?” First, she thought the driver was her father because she felt affection and caring behavior. She sat next to him. She looked at the driver again and again. She thought, “No, He does not look like my father, but why do I feel like he is my father?”

She smiled, but she was also very scared. The bus continued running in an unknown direction. Nobody knew where the bus was going. She looked around and noticed nobody cared where this bus was going. She looked with curiosity toward the driver. All he said was, “Do not worry about your final destination. You are safe. Nobody will harm you. I will take you to a safe place.”

Suddenly, the bus stopped. She looked outside. Soldiers had surrounded the bus. The soldiers rushed into the bus as the door opened. She didn’t move from her place. A female soldier told her to get off the bus. She looked at the driver, who nodded at her to go with the soldier. The soldier searched for her but couldn’t find anything from her. She didn’t have anything with her except her medicine.

The soldier allowed her to go back inside the bus. As passing by the soldiers, she saw that her name was highlighted and marked with the AB sign. She didn’t know the meaning of what AB means and why her name was marked with a special abbreviation. She came inside the bus and poured all her medications into a foam cup. She opened another door of the bus but did not come out of it. She stood on the door steps of the bus while attempting to hide from the soldiers, and then she threw her medicine too far away.

She came inside the bus again. She sat next to the driver. He asked her, “why have you thrown away your medicine?”. She smiled and said, “I doubt I need this anymore.” the driver started the bus again, and it started to go toward an unknown destination. Suddenly, she saw mountains and trees full of white snow. It was like heaven and a beautiful place on earth. She screamed, “My destination is here. Please stop the bus.”

The driver laughed and stopped the bus and said, “I know this is your favorite place. I cannot take you where we are going. Good luck. You will be safe here now.” Now the driver took his mask out. She laughed because the driver was not her father, but he was her Bubby’s father. In the morning, she asked the meaning of her dream from Maulana ji but he didn’t have a specific explanation. It may be nothing but she still cares about certain people, especially those who are close or loved ones to her Bubby.

But the next day, driving back on the same road, she talked to Ina and Banny boy about this dream. Her voice got heavy, and tears welled into her eyes. She told them, “I miss him. You know I love him a lot. Last night the dream was very strange. Even Maulana Ji could not tell me the meaning of that dream. I wish my Bubby will come to my dream. I miss him a lot . Boys, Is it possible if he comes to my dream tonight?”

Before she entered her room, she cleaned her tears and went to sleep. Of course, her Bubby came into her dream. He came alone. In the dream, they talked a lot as usual. He didn’t want to go, but she told him to leave. This time waking up in the morning, she smiled but she was also surprised too.

As usual, her mind is full of curiosity and questions. Now she is curious who listened to her prayers and wishes. Does Almighty know how much she misses her Bubby and how much she loves him? Or was it her Banny and Ina who felt that mum needed their dad? At least someone cares about her. She gets happy that at least someone unknown and invisible cares about her. She cried again. This time she did not wipe her tears. She let them flow out of her eyes and allowed them to kiss her cheeks because she was happy. Her wishes of being him in the dreams were fulfilled. A Wiseman said, “if you have a strong desire, God will create a way to fulfill your desire. But your desire and wish should come from the core of your heart.” Almighty can hear us and always fulfill our desires if he thinks our desires are valid and fall into his codes.

3 thoughts on “A request for a special dream

  1. Beautiful story , actually it’s true if we want something from core of our heart we can get it, may be that’s why the woman dream her Bubby . Well written 😊👌🌹


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