Strong Connection


She has a strong connection with the soil of her native country, the beautiful valley, and of course, an extremely strong connection with her beloved man. No, humans have not created those connections. It was created even before she was born. Almighty has created this connection which always tried to bring the three of them together from time to time. However, the clouds of darkness always come unexpectedly and make them apart.  No doubt, the girl was born with bad karma. Often every couple of years, the dark clouds come and completely cover the girl head to toe. But, the girl was born with the blood of a warrior running through her veins. She grew up around the warrior. Thus, she always challenged every obstacle in her life, and she always kissed the victory at the end.
Her beloved man brutally killed her soul. Since he has gone, the girl has become icy cold and stone like a rock without fire or charm. She walks around like there is no life left inside of her. She has neither strength nor a fire. The demons and devils have completely finished the girl.

While her loved ones were in the process of halaling the girl, and certain people were busy in the demise of the Valley. Thus, both the valley and girl were victims of politics. The girl becomes the victim of domestic politics, and the valley becomes the victim of the greed of politicians. Both of them are sad and broken. Someone told her,” Yes, the valley should have been supposed to keep the girl safe.” The girl had knocked on each door of the valley, but it was shut down directly on her face. With tears shedding from her eyes and an empty and broken soul, the girl returned to her safe house. She still feels like ripping her heart out whenever she remembers those days.
Tears still welled into her eyes whenever she remembered how she looked around to find him at the airport. Yes, people laughed at her. They were celebrating her departure from the Valley. Once, she asked someone, “why am I still suffering? why I got the courage to fight back, but the man with power could not stand on the battlefield for few seconds.”
The person had given a perfect answer, “You belong to the tribe where people die fighting but never run away from the field. You belong to those who give their lives to keep their words.” While someone else said,”People care about you. Please don’t be discouraged.”

The girl hid in the safehouse. The man hid to save himself. But her beautiful valley continues to suffer to date. Her bravo man failed to protect both the valley and the girl. So often, the valley and he come into her dreams, and she tells them, “Go away, both of you are weak. I don’t want both of you.”
Is her valley afraid too? People would say maybe not because the valley is material, so she does not have feelings, so how could she be afraid, cry, or laugh. However, the valley does have emotions that reflect through the emotions of the girl. Of course, three of them have a strong connection, which is witnessed by the rivers, green trees, and beautiful mountains.
Both valley and man come into the girl’s dream often. They encourage her to reunite, which the girl always rejects, telling them, “First be brave. Then knock on my door. Otherwise, continue walking. Don’t stop.”
People were successful in physically separating them, but their souls are still together. Surprisingly, if something goes wrong with the man and valley, the girl gets the message. She feels something strange, like some strange power trying to pull her toward them. The girl asks Almighty, “seriously, and you are still trying to send me over there. Would you mind stopping it? I will not listen to you. I have listened to you once. I lost my soul. I won’t listen to you again.”

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