Untold story of a true event and dream

 img_2984It was a winter evening, and it was very cold outside. The little girl was ready to sleep. She heard a noise while she was fixing her bed. Two people were whispering, which she could not understand. She knew right away that something bad would happen. As usual, her sixth sense told her, “something is not right somewhere.” 

She listened to her inner voice. Instead of sleeping on the bed, she laid down on the floor below the two windows. She tried her best to take a slow breath so that nobody could hear it. Her brain could sense something in advance. The windows were higher than the floor. Somebody must bend forward to see if someone is hidden under those windows. She had chosen the right place to hide. Now she could hear them.  

One of those stranger men said, “No, we should not kill her. She is an innocent girl. It will be a sin.” He was older than the other guy. But, the younger man said, “No, at least we should try once. The snake’s child is always a snake.” Finally, the older man agreed with the younger man and told him, “Okay, only make the bed target. Don’t shoot anywhere else. I still don’t get why we need to kill this child. “

The younger man opened fire from his automatic assault rifle, aiming at the bed, and told the older man, “We get paid to get the job done. Job is only important, not who we will kill.” The hidden girl could hear the conversation. Without their knowledge that the bed was empty, both men emptied their rifles on the empty bed. 

They left in a hurry without checking if the girl was dead or not. The girl was very scared but did not give up yet. As the girl heard them walking away, she walked out of the room through the back door. 

She continued walking until she found a safe place. She was confused and asked herself, “who and why wants to kill me?” But as usual, the girl didn’t have questions to her answers.

Now the little girl had a grown-up young girl. She found herself sitting in a room full of many known and stranger faces. She was not alone. She had been holding three little girls tightly close to her heart. There was noise in the room, and everybody was spreading the rumor. But nobody knew why they were in the same room and who were they waiting for? 

Someone said loudly, “I think it is a judgment day. The almighty 

will determine our fate now.” The person was not wrong. It was a judgment day. The woman thought in her mind, “If this is a judgment day, why am I here? I am still alive. Isn’t it too early for me to die?.” Suddenly she shook her head and told herself, “I am still silly. I have seen young people die. Nowadays, people die at any age.” She looked around, and there were a majority of women in the room. She carefully looked at the little girls whom she had held tightly. Out of those three girls, there was one little girl whom she had given birth to, and two were her lovely non-biological daughters who lived far away from her. She asked her daughters, “Why are all of you here? You should go back home.” Three of them had given her a beautiful smile without saying a single word. They hugged more tightly. 

Hmm, she saw a female god sitting surrounded by demons, devils, and angels. She thought in her mind, “Isn’t a god always a male?” As in her habit of asking unnecessary questions, she asked the female God, “I am curious where the male God is? I don’t think so female God keeps the ability to decide my fate. In real life, it did not matter if she was my mother or my so-called sister, but they had failed to give me justice. Another thing, I am not dead yet, so why is my judgment day today?”

The female God had worn all-white clothes and told the woman, “It is not your judgment day. It is someone else’s judgment day. You are here for someone else. You are the witness. I promise that you and your daughters will return safely to the earth as soon as possible”.

Suddenly, she saw a man whose eyes were closed and head down was brought to the court of God. Now the woman understood everything. 

The angels of God brought the man in front of the woman. He was standing 2 feet away from her. The woman tried to look into his eyes, but his eyes were tightly closed. Suddenly, she heard a strong but convincing sound, telling the man, “I want you to look into this woman’s eyes and tell me how should I punish you and where should I send you. Your judgment day will be decided on the fate of this woman because she is the victim of your cowardice. You owe her.”

The man did not dare to look into the woman’s eye. He couldn’t speak to her. The woman looked into the man’s eye and then requested the female God, “Please don’t punish him because it will hurt me. Can you be kind enough to forgive him? Can you punish me for his wrongdoing? He is not strong enough to tolerate anything. I am strong enough to pay for his or my sins.”

The man kept his head down and slowly walked away. The woman walked down to the earth. 

Note: The first portion of the story about the little girl’s killing is based on the true event but slightly twisted about the girl’s age; the judgment day even happened in her dream. 

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