About some experience

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She was not afraid to drive on the south side around 0200 am. Nobody likes going to this side of the world at night. People advise each other not to go this side even during daylight. The crime rate is very high in this area due to gang activities and drug wars. Sometimes, there are drive-through shootings, and innocent people get hurt or killed. What is the reason for crime on this side of the city? Does someone try to stop or prevent crime in this area? Why are drug overdose rates significantly higher in this area compared to her residential area? As usual, she does not have answers to many questions.

She asked her superior, and he laughed and told her, “you need to come out of your cave more often to get the answers. You live in an area where everything is served on a plate without asking.” He didn’t say that you live in a privileged area. Of course, her daughter is blunt and always says, “We live in a white supremacist community area.”
However, she has been working in the south for the past ten years. When it comes to politics, she is not a genius, but she is also not stupid to understand the dynamic of politics.
While thinking about this, she started to drive on an unknown road. She was not sleepy. Thus she took a detour going back to her hotel. Suddenly, she saw multiple colored lights shining through her rearview mirror. She pulled her car to the side to deal with the blues brothers. No, there was not only one car, but there were at least three cars. She wondered why there were too many police vehicles to stop the car of one woman. However, only one officer came to talk to her and asked for her driving license, registration, insurance, etc.

She handed over the information to the officer. Within five minutes, he came back and apologized for stopping her. The officer asked her if she needed him to escort her to the hotel for safety reasons. She kindly told him, “No, thank you. I can take care of myself.”
Suddenly, she heard the voice of another officer on the transmission who was saying, “Rookie has stopped the wrong person.” They were unaware that she could also hear their conversation.
Now, it was her turn to come out of the car and started to walk toward the rest of the teams. She recognized most of them. Bystanders started to make the video. They may have expected that something wrong would happen. The officers came to shake her hand and apologized. They told the new officer that you should never stop the frontline healthcare workers. They will be saving our lives if something bad happens to us. We have a badge to badge relationship.
Before she returned to her car, she told the officers, “Not only you guys, but gangsters or drug dealers also have a brain, and they don’t harm us because we also do everything to save them or their loved ones. No, we don’t have a badge to badge connection with them. Of course, we have patients and doctors relationship with them,”
Walking toward her car, she started to think about her past. When she was a child, she often told her father, “Baba, we will stand in the middle. we won’t take any sides,”
Her father always responded to her,” yes, you are right. we will stay in the middle to bring some harmony.”
Suddenly, she remembered how she had sat one night in this highly-rated crime area expecting that somebody should shoot her accidentally. She was not in her senses. She just wanted to end her life. She will never forget how a gangster dropped her back home respectfully and left the note on her car,” It is now my turn to pay back.”
She often thinks outlaws also have some rules and also conscience.
Well, Maulana Ji was right, who has told her many times,” Munna, don’t refer to anybody as a bad person because nobody is born as a bad person, but circumstances make them act bad,”

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