The dead soul stuck in the valley


(pictures taken by SAK: Old memories)

A 12-year-old girl ran away from her home after arguing with her mother. She fought with her mother for no specific reason. The girl was sad and angry. After filling her backpack with some essential items, she grabbed her bicycle and started to ride. Her mother ran behind her, but the girl was too fast; thus, her mother could not catch up with her. Her final destination was a beautiful valley. She needed to reach the Valley before sunset. She did not know why she needed to go to the Valley. Yes, she knew that she had to be there. Her mother tried to tell her, “There is nobody who knows you. Believe me, and your father is also not there. So please come back.”
But the girl was stubborn. Without listening to her mother, she started to ride the bike quickly. After riding a few miles, the girl got exhausted cycling. Suddenly, she saw a local public bus coming in her direction. She raised her hand to stop the bus. The bus driver stopped the bus near her, but the bus conductor did not allow her to enter inside the bus. He asked the girl, “You are a child. I can’t give you a ride without your parents’ permission.”
The girl started to cry and talk simultaneously, which the bus conductor could not understand. He drove the bus away without giving her a ride. The girl was determined and stubborn but did have a sharp little brain. As the bus drove away, she grabbed the backstairs of the bus and climbed on the roof.
The driver continued driving the bus but was not aware that the girl had been sitting on the bus’s rooftop. Her mother’s car was also chasing the bus, who was telling the driver, “Drive fast. Go ahead of the bus and try to stop the bus.”

Sitting on the rooftop, the girl adored and enjoyed nature. She talked with the birds and animals. After a while, she got hungry, and she ate some snacks. She was very sleepy, but she didn’t want to sleep because she did not want to miss anything. She wanted to trap nature inside of her soul and brain.
After passing many high mountains, she finally reached her beautiful valley. Before the driver could see her, she ran quickly to hide in the forest. She was lucky that the driver had not seen her. she made her way to her apple house through the forest. However, there were no apple trees, but the entire backyard and front yard were full of walnut trees.
She broke the lock on the main door. The furniture was full of dust. After cleaning the entire house, she started to clean the backyard so she could grow some vegetables. Suddenly, a neighbor came out of his house and asked her, “Where are your parents? Where is your family”. without any fear, the girl said, “I am my own now. I like to walk solo. Humans are not good. My father is dead. Don’t try to mess with me. I am young but very strong though.”

She shoveled some land to make a kitchen garden. She thought in her mind, “This will be enough for me.”
Suddenly she saw her mother getting out of the car along with her uncle and some other relatives. The mother had given her strict order in a very firm voice, “you need to go with us now.”
The girl shouted, “No, I hate all of you. Where were you when people played with my emotions? It happened only because you had abandoned me. I won’t leave this place anymore. I will stay here. I have a lot of memories of this place. I am not afraid of anything.”
her mother ordered others to “take her back forcefully if she is not willing to come voluntarily.”
The girl took three different bottles of pills from her backpack and told them, “No way, Nobody can take me alive from here.”
Before anybody reached to save her, the girl had already swallowed three bottles of pills and suddenly collapsed on the floor. She was lying dead on the floor, but she had a beautiful smile on her face. Her neck was tilted to the side, and her eyes were open, and she was looking at the crowd as they were watching for someone. Unfortunately, he was not there.
No, they did not take her back. They buried her in the same place where she prepared a kitchen garden. The dead girl was smiling, but everybody else was crying. Nobody knew that the girl is pain-free now.

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