The Endless Nightmare

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People are dying with the plague in her beloved valley. No, they are not dying with Corona. 1/2 of the valley has already been wiped out by this plague. Some survivors are hiding in the high mountains. She held her beloved man’s hand tightly. She doesn’t have any symptoms. But nasty blisters have started to develop on his entire body. He tells her, “You leave me. Let me die myself.” She laughs and tells him, “Do you think I will let you die alone? We will die together.”

She helps him walk, and they end up entering an old abandoned house. As she steps inside the house, some childhood memories flashback in her mind. She tells him, “Bubby, we are in my apple house. I was born and grew up here. Well, we will die at this excellent place. But I heard the house was demolished because of safety hazard issues.”

But she didn’t hear any response from him. Thus she looked back. He was already lying on the bed.
She lays next to him and keeps her head on his shoulder and another arm on his chest, and he tells her,” Go away, Munna, I had given you a very hard time.”
She tells him, “No, I won’t. I will stay beside you.”

Suddenly a doorbell rings. She finds a stranger standing at the door. He handed her a vial filled with a serum. He left saying, “This will help you.”

She runs inside the house and pours the entire serum into his mouth. Again, she lays next to him and holding him tightly, “Bubby, everything will be fine.” She now uses his words to support him: “Have faith in the Almighty. I will go in the morning to find the girls.”

His breathing is getting shallower, and he has become diaphoretic. Laying next to him, she started to pray. But it was too late, and he was gone in her arms. She cries hysterically, but he could not say, “Don’t weep. I can’t see tears in your eyes.”

Suddenly, an unknown person shows up at the door who helps her do his Islamic burial.
She gets surprised because she still doesn’t have any symptoms of plague.

She sits on the porch alone. Suddenly, two people throw the rope down and tell her, “we need you. Can you come up and help us?”

She tells those strangers, “Sure. But make a pinky promise that you will do my burial here if I die.”
They have no choice except to make a promise to her. She whispers in her mind,” well, this apple house is also good if the walnut house is not an option anymore.” She walks along with those strangers through the forest. On her way, she sees chaos. Corpses are lying dead in the piles on the road. Many vehicles are burning with the fire. Some of them are already completely burnt. People are running around to find a safe place.

Suddenly she finds herself standing next to the river, in which water is flowing fastly. She jumps into the river and comes out in a place which is surrounded by the high mountains. There is no access for the outsider to reach this small place except the river. She walks around in this small town and sees many familiar faces. A person approaches her and tells her,” your DNA test tells us that you are the cure for this disease. Your blood and body fluids can cure this disease.” She is still in her beautiful valley, but the team of scientists is Americans. She tells them, “I would love to do it. But I need to visit someone first.”

She walks around and knocks at one door. She smiles when a woman opens the door for her. The woman is Binu’s mother. Now both stand close to the railway track. She asks Binu’s mother,” Is the temple still open? I feel like going there.” Binu’s mother smiles and says proudly,” Gurdwara never closes. The doors are open 24 hours. It does not matter what storms are happening outside.”

Instead of joining Binu’s mother, she starts walking to her next destination. After passing another mountain, she enters another colony. She thinks people have built their own colonies, and they hate intruders. Next, she finds herself in the surroundings of a group of armed men.

She enters a temple. She bows her head in front of Baba Nanak Ji and talks in her mind, “I know well that I don’t belong here anymore. Please help my people.” She speaks with a few armed men and tells them how to properly work in a strategic way to find out the truth. In this camp, she finds his beautiful daughters. She gives them her blood and tells them, “Don’t hesitate. It will help you. I have made a promise to your father.”

After drinking the blood, In a few seconds, the girls recover completely. She hugs them and tells them, “Okay, I need to leave now. Don’t tell anybody. It is our secret.”

She leaves that place too and goes underground. There is a group of women sitting alone, and she sits next to them. She covers her head, similar to them. Her mother enters the room and asks people, “I saw my daughter coming into this room.” Her mother keeps calling her name loudly, but she continues to hide from her mother.

Later, she left that place too and came back to her previous place. She sits on the rooftop. Suddenly, she hears an announcement, “The plague is over. You can return to your residence now.” People get very happy, and they start walking toward their houses. Instead of going back to her residence, she walks toward her apple house because he is waiting for her.

In the morning, she woke up from this nightmare, and she made a phone call to check on the welfare of Binu’s mother. Later on, she contacted her sources to find the welfare of her beloved man. She sent a message to Maulana Ji to pray for the people of her beautiful valley.

Her mother used to say, “If you share your dreams with others, it won’t come true.” This is why she shares it with everybody because she does not want it to come true.

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