Hachi: The loyal dog


What an amazing dog. How wonderful was his loyalty and love for his buddy? What was his loving connection with his human buddy? Almost everybody was familiar with Hachi except her. The dog’s picture at the movie premiere had made her watch this movie. Once, she could not stop watching it once she started. The animals make her laugh. She adores them. The dogs are her favorite. Her free time passes by watching dog video clips, etc.
Hachi was the dog who had traveled from Japan to the West to meet his beloved buddy. It is a very interesting movie, but the end is very emotional. She wept while watching Hachi’s end.
She and Hachi have a similar story. She will have the same ending as Hachi had in the movie. Hachi and his buddy found each other accidentally. She and her hubby had found each other incidentally. But there was a connection between them. The connection of souls was started before their birth.
Hachi waited for his buddy for ten years after he died. He waited outside the railway station at the same spot for more than a decade. Finally, he died. Everybody tried to help Hachi, but he refused to take anybody’s help. He wanted his buddy back because both had a connection and bond between them. She forgot her fragile skin under her eyes and cried while watching this movie. The skin under her eyes was already very fragile, which got worse when she rubbed. It was already too late when she realized.
Did she cry to see Hachi’s end? Or did she cry for her future? Did she cry for Hachi, or did she cry for herself? Sometimes, a person needs the excuse to cry for his or her pain.
Hachi lived without his buddy for 10 years. So far, she has lived for three years without her bubby. Hachi could not express his pain to anybody else. But she feels his pain. She looks into his heart through his eyes to feel his pain. She relates Hachi’s pain to her pain. She relates Hachi’s story to her life.
Like Hachi, everybody wants to help her, but she refuses to get help. Her eyes look the same as Hachi’s eyes, which are full of curiosity, wait, and pain. The pair of those eyes are waiting for someone every day and every moment of her life.
Hachi had died in front of the railway station. Only God knows where she will die, but she will have the same pain in her eyes as Hachi had it.
Hachi’s buddy died, and her bubby’s soul is dead. The rest of the story is the very same. The movie is streaming on Netflix right now, but watch it only if you are emotionally strong.
After watching Hachi, you may have a rough idea of what her future will be like.

2 thoughts on “Hachi: The loyal dog

  1. Mornin’, Munna! I read something the other day that seems like a good response to this post. You can choose to change the ending at any point in the story. I pray this truth will sink into your soul today!! Blessings!!

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    1. You should watch Hachi. The beginning was very good, but the end had made me cry. Sometimes, I wonder why someone makes movies that make others cry. I started to watch after reading about the dog because I was missing my Banny. But the end had taken me in the other direction.


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