Thinking about her father on Mother’s Day

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Somewhere in the south, standing in the line to pay at the Walgreens, she noticed a woman buying many teddy bears. She looked at the cute and adorable teddy bears and gave a nice smile. The woman said, “Oh, it is for Mother’s Day. One for my mother and another’s for my aunts.”
The woman said loudly as she was trying to leave Walgreens, “Have a happy mother’s day in advance.”
No, it was not in her mind that tomorrow is happy mother’s day. She smiled back at the woman but did not say a single word.
How could she say a single word? Her mother had gone to meet Almighty a long time ago. Her children are 300 miles away from her. Suddenly it came into her thoughts what her beloved man often told her, “I am everything to you. I am not your only man. Don’t feel alone. I am your mother, father, uncle, chachu, etc.” Remembering this, She laughed hysterically, which had turned to cry immediately.
Suddenly, It came into her mind, “why am I here? Why am I working? for who I am working for. My father worked hard, just like me. Did he work for me so I could have a good life? Do I have a good time if he had worked hard for me? Had my father ever had a similar feeling or thought like me I am just having now? If so, why did he continue to work so hard?”
When she was driving, she continued to think about her father, “I am working hard to keep my mind busy. I work to pass my time. Had my father worked hard to keep his mind occupied? Am I sharing my destiny with my father? Or am I continuing to map my father’s destiny?” Why not? I have his personality and behavior. People say I am a female version of my father. Thus it is possible or probable that I am sharing his destiny too. what he or I did wrong.”
Suddenly, she remembered and laughed, “well, yes, we both had done something wrong. We had chosen a similar path. We had chosen the path of honesty, love, and empathy, which only lead the person to the final destination, which is known as destruction.”
She came into her room and continued to think, “I wish we were not chosen this path. My father was a quiet man. I am vocal, but he was a man of few words. This is the only difference we had. Maybe there was a lack of media at the time, and he was not able to verbalize his pain as I do.”
Her father spent his life thousands of miles away from his valley. Isn’t she doing the same thing? Had he suffered just like her in life? If so, why did he not share it with his beloved daughter? If he had shared with her, what would she have done? Maybe nothing. She could not do anything to save her love and life, but she could have done for him.
The daughter is just like her father, who continues to walk in his footprints despite her shattered soul, but she does her best to obey his principles.
In the end, she told her father, “Happy Mother’s Day, my dear father. I miss you. I am eagerly awaiting to meet you. Promise me that we will share our feelings once again like we used to do it. Since you have gone to Almighty, your daughter went through hell. There are many things we need to catch on to. Father, you should be proud of me because your lovely daughter is a loser but not a coward. I did what you would have done in a similar situation. I know if you were alive, you would have advised me to do the same thing. I wish that every daughter on this earth had a father like you. I wish every father had followed similar principles as you did. I could still be your Munna, and no, Sara was never born. Tell my beloved man that your daughter misses him. Can you also tell him that your daughter is in pain without him? Can you tell him what the reality was? Anyway, it is too late now. You don’t have to tell my beloved man. He doesn’t qualify to talk with you.”
She sighed, “It is the end, father. Insha Allah, we will talk soon if there is a real afterlife. I am not little Munna anymore. Happy Mother’s Day, my dear father. Don’t tell my mother about it. She will be jealous of why I am missing you on Mother’s Day, not her.”

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