Happy B-Day to My Little Angel

I did not attend any family functions when my beloved man stepped away from my life. The reason is obviously clear because I have lost trust in my life. Once, I was the center and attraction of family parties. I had not attended every other birthday party or marriage anniversary but had attended marriage or big events. There wasn’t any specific reason for my absence. I always have a conflicting work schedule. Secondly, I get bored easily at those family parties.
However, I could not say no to the lovely boy whose second birthday is today, and he will be turning terrible three. His name is Amrit Vir Singh who is the carbon copy of her mother. I am not sure if he is like his mother because the boy is very adorable and innocent. But I am pretty sure that he is bringing the entire family together. His birth was also a slap on many selfish faces. I call him “a miracle baby.”
He loves chocolate. He smiles like an angel. His beautiful smile and innocent baby talk always cheer up the sad woman. But he is very genius and knows well how to blackmail me to get chocolate. I spend most of my time face timing with him, and sometimes I see him playing. I found him losing himself in nature, just like his mother used to do.
He invited me on his birthday. He requested a lot of chocolate candies and cake when I asked what he wished to have. Of course, I could not refuse him, so I must attend his birthday. He was born on 05/08, but we will celebrate his birthday party on 05/15 because of my travel schedule.
Three days after his birthday party, there will be another birthday party for my beloved man. I will be celebrating his birthday alone again because Benny had gone to the almighty. Banny used to get very excited to see the birthday cake. Yes, I always celebrated my beloved man’s birthday even though he was aboard. I will continue to celebrate his birthday until my last breath. He had forgotten me. Now, I keep the memories alive on behalf of him too.
I have decided to look beautiful and dress nicely. Once upon a time, I used to dress up nicely for my beloved man. He always wanted me to dress elegantly and wanted me to take a lot of pictures. He always had selected my dress. But now I will choose the dress myself. I don’t want Amu to get disappointed that why I don’t look like others. It is also very important for me to look happy on this occasion.
I have a lot planned for this lion cub’s birthday. God bless my little angel. Please bless him and wish him a happy birthday.
Thank you all.

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