Why was her mother in her dream?


The mother knows her children better than anyone else. The children do not know about themselves, but their mother understands her children better. A person can change any relative but not a mother. It is said that the mother is attached to her baby through the umbilical cord. Before birth, she feeds her unborn child with her blood. The mother’s relationship does not break with her child after cutting the cord. Walking on the path of life, many of us do not like our mothers at least once, which is normal due to the difference in the generational gap.
Very rare, she gets her mother’s dream because both were not very close to each other.
But her mother came into her dream while she was napping this afternoon. Surprisingly, the mother didn’t come alone in her daughter’s dream but also brought another daughter with her. Thus, the beautiful mother came along with her two daughters into her dream.
Three women (a mother and two daughters) with different views and personalities were under the same roof. It was a dream, but if it was a reality, it could have chaos. In real life, they never lived under the same roof except for a few emergency situations. What could be the reason now that the mother was with her daughters under the same roof? Did the mother attempt to bring both sisters together? Why now? Why not then or before? Why not when mother was alive? Had the mother tried to protect her daughters from each other?

When the mother could not conceive, she informally had adopted a relative’s little girl. She raised the little girl like her own daughter. She sent her daughter to the best school to receive higher education. People said that her daughter was a beautiful girl in the entire town. But the mother and daughter could not get along with each other very well. The mother always said, “I wish my beautiful daughter also has a beautiful soul and heart.”
The time passed, and now her daughter had grown up and been sent to the boarding school for higher education. It was the time when the mother had decided to live with her husband in the valley. Exactly 15 years later, the mother had given birth to her biological daughter. But the second daughter was not pretty like her older sister at all. Neither of her daughters shared physical features nor personalities.
The older daughter had a very soft and low tone voice. It seems that Almighty had taken her extra time to create the older girl’s features. It was not clear how intelligent the older daughter was in the study. But she was a very good cook and knew well how to stitch and sew. It means she was a qualified Indian woman. But the younger daughter had a different personality. She was blunt and never afraid to say what comes into her heart. She didn’t know how to cook or sew or do any household work. The younger daughter was skinny,  tall, sickly in appearance, dark skin, and black curly hair. The younger daughter was a female version of her father.
When both sisters met, the younger sister was 10 months old, and she was busy fighting with death while lying on her death bed. But the older sister adored her younger sister. Later, Mother told her younger daughter many times, “your sister had introduced you to all her friends. Your sister told everyone that she had a newborn baby brother.”  Everybody teased the older daughter, “No, this baby is a little girl, not a boy,  your chachu has lied to you.”
It was a brief meeting of two sisters. The mother took the younger daughter back to the valley but again sent the older daughter to the boarding school. Mother told everyone, “the teenage girl is not safe in the valley.”

The younger sister had turned 5 years old when she reunited with her older sister again but now permanently. The little sister had become a shadow of her older sister. She treated and respected her older sister as her mother. The younger sister also has speech issues. Thus she used to call her sister “Eba .” She never addressed her as a sister. However, both sisters never spent a long time together. The older sister moved to New Delhi after her marriage. Then, the younger sister moved to the West.
Nobody knew what was the conflict between the mother and older daughter, but somehow it impacted the life of the younger daughter. The older daughter tried her best to keep the mother and younger daughter apart, which she succeeded. The younger daughter believed in love and thought everybody speaks the truth, which was her weakness. Because of her weakness, the younger daughter had lost many relationships and friends. The younger one was full of fire and blunt, but her heart was innocent. But her mother knew her daughter well because mothers know their children well. The sour truth came out when the mother died and left everything for her biological daughter. The younger daughter has always given preference to the relationship than the materialism. But this was also the time for the younger daughter to face reality and respect her mother’s decision. Everybody was against it, but the younger daughter handed over the charge to her older sister by saying, “Here, eat whatever you can. Use whatever you can. But you will not sell my ancestors.” The younger sister had allowed the older sister to use or abuse the family trust fund.  The older one tried many times to convince the younger to sell the family estate but never succeeded. The mother was smart and knew well which of her children would do best to provide justice and will respect the ancestors. The younger daughter was happy in her own life. Materialism was not her priority. The younger one always told her hubby, “Somewhere is not right somewhere. I am afraid.” But her hubby said,” have faith in me.”
Time continued to pass. Now both sisters live in the same city, but no communication is left between them. Whenever they meet each other, the younger one doesn’t forget to touch the older sister’s knee beyond respect, and the older sister never hesitates to bless the younger one. But there is a wall between them.
The older sister had given a younger sister challenge, “You need to decide. Choose him or me. You have disgusted the family by having a relationship with him. what people would say.”
Everybody had given younger sister options, and she made her choices. She had chosen him over her and everybody else. During her last meeting with her hubby bubby, she asked him, “should I apologize to my sis and cousin?” He said, “No, why do you have to apologize to others? you have not done anything wrong.” The younger sister still believes in her love and words, so she never communicates with her sister. She never shared anything with her. The older one opened her arms many times to hug the younger sister, but now the younger sister doesn’t have any feelings left.
This afternoon, the mother, along with her two daughters, came to younger daughter’s dreams. They were under the same roof. They were looking very sad. The mother had given each daughter some chores to do. The older one refused  and  said, “I am tired. I can’t do it. I never did anything in my life. Now I even need to cook for you and your daughter.”
The younger daughter said, “I will do it, mom. I don’t mind doing it.” The mother looked at her younger daughter, “you still did not learn your lesson.” The mother turned toward her older daughter and asked her,” Can you at least listen to me one time?”
Suddenly, the younger daughter looked outside. She clapped with both hands and told her mother excitedly, “Mum, look outside. We are not in Florida. It is snowing outside. I am in my beautiful valley.”
The younger daughter opened the door and walked out happily. The mother continued calling her, “you are not safe there. People will harm you there. I want you to come with me.”
When she woke up from the dream, she found herself on the bed. She was not in her valley. She was at her safe house instead of her valley.
Why did mother come into her dream? What message was she trying to convey to her younger daughter? Why has the mother taken the place of Abu, chachu, and her father now? as usual, the younger daughter has failed to understand the dream. 

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