Do angels or devils have a religion?

Early this morning, I was brushing my teeth when suddenly a question popped into my brain. At 4 am, people might be praying, but my mind got busy finding my answers. I don’t know if sometimes the questions come to mind from nowhere. Maulana Ji said many times, “Munna, you always ask some tough questions.” However, he always responds quickly because he knows I will continue asking until I get the answer. Well, I have not consulted Maulana Ji on this topic; otherwise, he would have given me some specifications. 

Do angels or devils have a religion? Most people believe in the afterlife. Everyone, including myself, talks about the judgment day after death. It is said that after death, people go to the court of God, where the person gets evaluated for his good deeds or sins. Almighty decides whether the dead person needs to go to hell or heaven, which depends based on his or her negative or positive balance.

I have heard since childhood that a person’s soul leaves the body when the person takes the last breath. It is called a clinical death in the medical profession when a person’s brain and heart stop functioning.

Anyway, India is full of self-made researchers, scientists, and many other specialties. I am not sure how much is fact in the following story. It is said that somebody wanted to see the soul leaving the body, so he caged the dying person in a glass box. Reportedly he saw some moisture inside the glass. You can teach the illiterate person, but the question is how easy it is to teach the educated person. Seeing the moisture or mist in the glass could have been from the dying person’s respiration or perspiration. But he claimed that he saw the soul departing the body. God knows how much truth is in this story, or it is just a myth.

But most of us believe in the afterlife. The person goes to whoever he or she worships to get the right judgment. Will angels take the dead person’s soul to the right court; thus, God decides further if an angel or devil will take the dead person’s soul?

I hope you are excited to learn about my curiosity. Are there religious angels or devils too? Does this mean that if a person dies of Hindu or Sikh beliefs, will they be transported by a Hindu or Sikh angel, or could they be taken by anybody? What happens if angels with different beliefs come to pick up the dead person’s soul accidentally? Does he or she make a u-turn or drop the soul of a dead person at the right court?

If the same beliefs or faith angels come, it will be a problem for my angels. I’m afraid there will be a fight because the angels from both my mum’s and father’s side may end up clashing with each other. I am not afraid of hell because I am already in hell. My friend Veeru said,” Munna, maybe that is why you are suffering because you call for help from everyone, and you believe and respect almighty of every faith or religion. You are making them confused.”

 In reality, my angels and devils live on the earth. I have already met them. I have had my angels since I was a child. I used to talk with my imaginary friend when I was a child. Now, my angels are my doggy Banny and Ina boy, who always come to rescue me in my dreams.  Yep, I had met many devils too. Don’t you have the curiosity to know those answers? Has anybody seen any evidence of the afterlife? Isn’t the person going through hell or heaven when alive?

9 thoughts on “Do angels or devils have a religion?

  1. Thank God Munna has Banny and Ina 😊

    Religions have been created by man. There is no fight on religious lines around God, I am sure. My God is LOVE and my religion is Kindness and compassion.

    If you haven’t already read it, do read the book : Many Lives many Masters.

    Hell and heaven are our own creation.

    My Gurudeva, Paramahansa Yogananda, has said : A person who has decided to be happy, no one can make him unhappy. A person who has decided to be unhappy, no one can make him happy.

    May God ease your pain 🙏

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  2. I suspect the biggest dividing line between heaven and hell is the presence or absence of God. While we are still breathing, we have access to His presence. We may not be seeking it, but we have access and that means we can have hope. Hoping your day is full of hope!! 🙂

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