A Strong Angel or A Good Fate

A lot of good people live in this world that has chosen not to come forward. Not everyone who works for the government or private sector is corrupt. Honest people still live somewhere. We need to open our inner eyes to find them. Recently, I met a senior of my school student whose life has turned out to be excellent because of one good person.
We were in 6th grade while he was in 12 grade. We did not go to the same school, but of course, we went to the same sports club. At that time, I never had a chance to communicate with him because of being his boy and senior player.
As many of my childhood friends have found me through the media, similarly, I got a chance to chat with him. We had a mature conversation. I was glad to hear that at least someone made his world through sports. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the sport has made his life wonderful.
The terrorism in my state at that time had changed the fate of many young people, but an angel of God had saved his life. He told me that, so he decided to join the police force when he was still in 12th grade.
He went for an interview to become a constable. He was lucky because the senior superintendent of police had conducted his interview. There were many candidates, but he had left an impression on the senior police officer because of his spirit in the sport.
He said police arrested him for terrorism inquiries outside the police line immediately after he was done with his interview. He was torched to accept crimes that he had not committed, and he had remained in police custody without any arrest warrant for more than two months.

Luckily, the senior police officer had missed the sportsman’s absence in the final selection of constables. Thus he asked about the sportsman from his subordinates, who informed him that his interested sportsman is imprisoned for terrorism inquiry. The senior police officer immediately went to the police station, freed the sportsman, and took him under his wings.
Today, that sportsman is a senior police officer himself. He also played at the international level, where he represented his country. He is the son of a poor farmer, and he will be retiring from his post as a poor soon. To the present, he has remained a true sportsman and honest person. He is against corruption. I feel how happy he is. He did not sell his soul for money or fame. So far, he did not get any gallantry award, but he owns many gold medals. I am not sure how many gold medals he has in his showcase, but his medal of honesty is his biggest medal.
I am not sure if he is proud of his accomplishment, but I am proud of him because we once belonged to the same sports club. Well, his angel and I share the last name, which makes me happy.
I asked what he would have done if the angel police officer had not taken him under his wings. His response was interestingly beautiful: “I wouldn’t be talking to you today. I would have either been killed in police custody or I would have become a terrorist and I could have been killed later on being a terrorist.

Well, I am waiting for a response to reveal this police officer’s identity and his wonderful angel.
I am glad his angel was stronger than my angel. Either his angel was stronger than mine or he was just born with a good fate.

6 thoughts on “A Strong Angel or A Good Fate

  1. There are more than 50% good people in this world and that is why it keeps going. We all can be angels to some Sara.

    I too connected to some dear ones through social media 😊

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