It is just a pain in another day; otherwise, nothing else.


Today, her eyes are full of tears again, and her soul is wailing in pain. She feels like an orphan without him. Nobody believes her that she tries her best to forget him. But her pain is very intense. She doesn’t ask for help from any human anymore because nobody has the courage to help her, or everybody is afraid to talk to him. Once she called somebody her brother, but he is also afraid of him. Instead of fighting for her, her brother told her, “You are a selfish person. Why don’t you come to India to fight for yourself? Why are you telling others to help you?”
But her so-called brother has forgotten that she came to India to get justice, and everybody had shut down the doors directly on her face. She knows well that suffering is her fate. No, she does not blame everybody. She blames only herself.
Why has she chosen the path of reality? Why did she believe others? Why does she love him more than anything in this world? This is all her fault. Nobody else is at fault, so she must suffer. she even tells her loving man. “You should have shot me that day instead of walking away from my life. It is still time to end my suffering.”
She asked her Maulana Ji, “It is okay. I understand if you cannot help me to reunite with him. can you help me end my suffering? Can you tell my beloved man that he should shoot me so I will be in peace?”
Unfortunately, nobody believes her. Everybody is scared. She is officially orphaned now. Well, she had become an orphan the day he walked out of her life. He knew she could not have survived without him.
No, it was not a fatal attraction. It is just her belief and her love for him. That is all; otherwise, nothing. It is not a matter of physical relationships, and it is a matter of emotional and soul love. How many do you believe in emotional love or true love? Can he or others who had made them separate from each other understand that it was not physical love? She could have forgotten him now if it were physical love. It is the love of the soul. Is that why her soul is wailing? Everybody knows that fake love is forgotten easily. Everybody knows that it is easy to buy physical love nowadays. Why is she still in pain after two years? Why does her soul continue to burn in the fire after two years? Why does she continue to reject those loving hands which forwards to help her?

Unfortunately, nobody understands her. Her beloved man only understands her, but he has become blind, deaf, and mute. Now, she waits for the almighty to provide her justice. If he was not her love, why did the almighty make her pull toward him? Why does the almighty put it in her mind that her beloved man is her final destination? Is someone responsible for her condition? Is Veeru right that she could not find anybody else except a Muslim to love? Does Allah exist? Does God really exist, then? Where is God? Okay, humans do not know her, but Allah knows her well. If Allah knows how much she loves him and how she is in pain, why is he quiet: why does he not provide her justice? Why is she suffering like a fish without water? There is no Allah or God that exists. She is an example that Allah or almighty does not exist.

She is not testing anybody. She is just in intense pain. She was born in the wrong century and believed in a love relationship of the 14th century. . Her childhood friend asked her, “Do you love his uniform or rank? If so, marry me. I wear Khaki, and I am his superior officer, and my rank is higher than him.”
She just cried hysterically. She thought, “Why does nobody understand my love for my beloved. It is not his uniform or his rank.”
A weird thought came into her mind, and she told Allah that she would continue to love her beloved man if he lost his rank, uniform, or limb. Unfortunately, neither humans nor Allah understands her pain and true love.
She screamed, looking at the sky, “Allah, no, you are not real. If you were real, I wouldn’t be crying today. My belief in you and my beloved man has given me a lot of pain. If you are real, please end my pain. I don’t need a substitute, and I need my beloved man’s love and nothing else.”
Well, she will let Allah decide to cure her pain and suffering.
The woman says loudly, “Nobody would believe you if your daughter dies. It is not only my test of love but also the test of your power”.
The woman cries loudly for the help of Allah, but no, he is not around. He is too busy taking care of those people who have sinned in their hearts, but the name of the almighty is on their voice. How would Allah or her beloved man care about her if she had a love for him? No, there is neither God nor love. Everything is an allusion and fake.”
she consoles her heart herself: “No, there is no God, no love, so wipe your own tears.”
She wipes her own tears in the hope that if would smile, god will return her love.
What could be more merciful or painful if a human has lived in support of a fake illusion?

In the end, she tells everybody, “Never love anybody and never trust anybody. It will drain you out. It will kill you just like a slow poison. It is just the same pain on a different day otherwise nothing else.”

4 thoughts on “It is just a pain in another day; otherwise, nothing else.

  1. My heart goes out to you Sarah. May God give you relief from your pain and suffering. And may He give you and your man wisdom 🙏

    Our only safeguard is God/Allah and if you think He doesn’t exist then you are truly an orphan now and you need more prayers 🙏🙏

    Such a beautiful pic of both of you. We really know so little about life and its mysterious ways.

    Love and blessings.

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