Weapons of Indian mothers

All mothers are wonderful but Indian mothers are the greatest ones. That is why the Hindi movie “Mother India” was the hit movie of the century. Okay, please don’t feel offended if you are a mother, but not an Indian mother. Why Indian mothers are great, because they are all rounder soccer mothers. They always keep their famous weapons with them which other mothers don’t. Other mothers may keep similar things but they are not experts in using those things as a weapon compared to Indian mothers. Indian mothers are very resourceful. They do have a solution to every problem. If anybody desperately needs money, don’t worry, just ask your mother. Believe me, they have a reserve Bank of India or a Federal bank just under their pillows. Hello, don’t come to my house because you will be disappointed, LOL. Instead of finding money under my pillow, you will find only some boring books.

It is called child abuse in the west if you try to discipline your child. When I was a child, it had a different meaning. I believe that the action of teaching discipline is still in progress in India. Maybe a little better than before but it is still there. Like many other Indian mothers, my mum also has her weapons which she had kept ready to fire all the time. I had never seen her without her favorite weapons. You don’t have to get a govt license to obtain those motherly weapons.

Before you start making a guess, I will introduce you to Indian mothers’ weapons. no, they don’t keep any guns or swords. They have many weapons but fives are more common. The names of five famous weapons are: chappal (slippers), Jhaddu (broom), Belan (the rolling pin which is a wooden rod to make Indian nans or roties), thappad (slap), and Sotee (wooden stick).

Mothers don’t hesitate to fire their weapons if you get a B grade in the test. If the children get a B grade rather than an A, one of the weapons would automatically fire without any warning or clarification. Their weapons are always without a safety lock that is ready to attack you any time. No, you are not allowed to ask what was their school performance or grade because of this there is 100% chance of firing of another weapon.
I remember one Indian doc was only 25 years old when he passed medical school and residency. He was a new doctor in my department. Everybody was curious about how he succeeded at a young age. A couple of nurses asked him about the person behind his success. His answer was very specific, quick, and short: My mother’s slaps.

Like other mothers, Indian mothers get sentimental when it comes to the matter of their children’s education. It does not matter if those mothers had ever seen school inside or not when they were young.

I was a straight A plus student and of course the best player and I had won many silver and gold medals. There are three state board exams in India: 8th grade, 10th grade, and then 12 grade. In 8th grade, I achieved rank #1 in the entire district. In the 10th grade exam, I claimed rank #5 at the state level. I got a grade B in one subject in 12th grade. I think my mother is sitting in her grave still planning to use her weapon on me for this. I had faced those weapons many times because I was a brat kid who enjoyed doing some hilarious things which were not on my mother’s code list. well, I was a tom girl who was raised among four male cousins. I did what they had done. 

Did she try using her weapons at me? Of course, many times she tried using her weapons on me. Did I ever get hurt? Nope, I used to run faster than the speed of her armors. I wonder if running four miles every morning was very useful which had given me a capacity of fighting against my mum’s  favorite discipline ideas. She failed every time. she died without completing her wish. I noted mothers always take a side of their child if they did not do their homework, or did something stupid in school. Well, it doesn’t work if you have an Indian mother. Even though it is the teacher’s fault, the mother’s weapon already gets fired before even listening to the story of both sides, “How dare you disrespect your teacher.” Therefore, it is a smart choice to stay silent to save yourselves from another weapon.

I do have children. Have I ever tried this old-fashioned mothers’ weapon on my children? No, I never did it or I will never do it. well, they never gave me the option to use those weapons. They are more mature than me and are very grounded individuals. I think my open relationship with them helped me not to use my inherited weapons on them.

you meet any successful Indian person. Believe me somewhere and somehow, their mothers weapons may have played a great role for their success. 

No, we can’t use those weapons in the USA because it is child abuse. Once, CPS sent a 14 year old Hispanic girl for medical screening because her father used the belt to discipline her. The father was arrested for child abuse. But nobody tried to see the other side of why the father used the belt to discipline her daughter. well, the father got labeled as a child abuser/criminal. However, his daughter got medical treatment and full sympathy. The girl had stolen cash from her mother’s purse without permission. To make ends, the mother was working double shifts as a house keeper. Technically, who should have been arrested here? later, I got a subpoena to testify in court regarding this case. I got an excuse from the judge on the basis of cultural conflict. But it makes me think why someone is not allowed to discipline their children. How should parents discipline their children? Is making them stand in the corner or taking their electronic gigs away is the real form of discipline? I was raised in a different culture where mothers’ weapons are known as respectful weapons. 

I am not aware if Indian fathers have excess to those luxury weapons or only mothers get this honor. Still, our mothers with weapons are the loving, respectful, and favorite mothers. like our elderly say, “There is a heaven at the feet of mothers.” Sometimes, I think if my mother had not tried her weapon on me, would I be in a medical profession or would I be able to receive gold medals? Do I deserve those medals or degrees or was it my mother who deserved those rewards?  Was it my brain, or was it the strength of her weapons?

 It used to be very common while I was a child. Now I heard that mothers don’t use those weapons like old times. No, they didn’t use their weapons because they hate their children. They were not abusers either. It was more cultural and traditions which always change. This is their way to show their caring or concerned  behavior. The current younger Indian generation may not have faced these dilemmas, but my generation definitely did it. If my mother was alive, she would be around 69 years old now. Thus mothers of this age group could explain better about those weapons. 

But still those were good days. I think that It is better to be a child than being the parents of children. I wish I had never grown up, and my mother would still be alive. I don’t mind facing her weapons. Because in those weapons, we feel the love, safety, and caring behavior of our mothers. Once my Indian colleague responded to other co-workers when they asked when do you celebrate Mother’s day in India. I still remember his answer,” we celebrate everyday not once a year.”

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