On Women’s Day: What would people say?

The whole world is busy celebrating Women’s Day. However, a woman whose life was decided by two women, whom she respected and loved, decided her life sentence. Unfortunately, she also trusted them. They are her family. One was her loving mother, and the other is her so-called sister. This article is dedicated to those two intelligent, beautiful, and selfish women on this planet.

The blood in her long and black curly hair had now dried up. There was a terrible fear on her innocent face. Her eyes were full of sadness. There were great differences between this girl of today and yesterday. Only two voices were echoing in her ears. There was a voice in which she could only hear the sound of gunfire, and the other voice was her mother telling her father, “what people would say. What would we tell people? What would happen to the prestige of our family? But her father said, “I don’t care about the fake prestige which has killed my daughter’s happiness. Now you are asking my daughter to leave the country. You already had taken her away from her birthplace.”
Her mother was saying, “She is my daughter too. If she is with Binu, she will try to forget her past easily. If she stays here, she will go to his grave daily to cry, or she will try to get revenge on them. “
But her father was not ready to believe, “We will lose our baby girl forever. My daughter will not be able to survive.”
But her mother kept saying, “she will forget everything as time passes. She will have to leave this place under any circumstances. She is also my daughter too.”

Her mother came to her room, helped her get up from the floor, and took her to the bathroom, “Get up, my princess, let me wash your hair.” She looked at her mother, and she could not determine whether her mother loved her more or the family’s reputation. “
She overheard her father saying, “My brother was right. Never allow women to make decisions. That house never gets happiness where women make decisions.”

Mother washed her hair thoroughly with shampoo. Then her mother washed the blood from her body with a sponge. But she kept silently watching Abu’s blood being washed away from her, which was now flowing through the pipe. It seemed to her that her fate was also flowing along with his blood. That day “what would people say” not only washed the dried blood of Abu away but also had taken away her identity.

A few weeks later, she was staring at the place where Abu took his last breath while fighting with the terrorists. There were strains of blood everywhere, but she knew where Abu was. She said goodbye to Abu, but reminded him, “Don’t forget to find me. You promised to come back.”

She had carried her backpack. She was ready to leave forever. Her playing area was no longer clean. The soil was red in color with the blood of the soldiers. She used to fight every day to free her playing space from them. But that day, she gave those warriors her favorite place forever. Her eyes were sad but without any tears. She hysterically cried a few weeks ago, but her eyes were empty that day.

Suddenly, she heard her mother’s sad voice, “Never come back” The same sentences were repeated many decades later, “what would people say.” or “don’t come back”. But this time there was some variation. No, he was not brave like her father to take a stand or stop others. Often he said, “I am everything to you.” Instead, he abandoned her. Well, he does have a real brain and knows well where and when to use it.

Her crime was significant. She had loved someone more than even the Almighty. The judges and jurors were the same; they were also the ones who sentenced her. But she is the only one to listen and carry out the punishment of those goddesses. How dangerous was the accusation, “what would people say.” She often thinks about what people say now. The only thing that remains is that no matter what the world thinks, it does not matter that someone should be killed while living.

15 thoughts on “On Women’s Day: What would people say?

  1. Sad and I can well imagine the thought process of your mother.

    Life was never easy Sara. It can suck. But ultimately it is our choice and today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

    Be the kind of the woman and the mother your mother wasn’t. All the best

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      1. Agree. They are worse than the secret service. My mother’s code name was “Punjab Police”. It makes me laugh remembering those days. I had written a post, “the weapons of Indian mothers’ which I never posted.

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  2. Such a sad story. Abu was so lovely. But, your writing just keeps getting better! This is such a touching vignette. I can’t imagine doing so well in a second language. Blessings, Munna Sara!!

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