Is it time for the demons to return again?

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Yes, it is almost time for the demons to return. She feels the presence of demons closer. The clock is running at its own pace. Can she stop it? No, she cannot stop the clock because the clock is non-stop like a life cycle. No, she can neither stop the clock nor the re-entry of demons. Can she lose anything else now? If so, what else can she lose? She has already separated herself from her loved ones.

She is worried about him, so she sends him a message, “The demons are going to wake up again. You need to be careful.”

Why is she worried about him? Because of him, she had lost everything, and she had lost her peace of mind. She has lost the meaning of her life. Before meeting him, she had waited for him for many years. He came and went away. No, she is no longer waiting for him. She did get rid of him out of her mind. But unfortunately, he still lives in her heart. Has she decided to express her fears and feelings about it?

She is afraid to remember her past. Is she afraid that if she takes him out of her heart, he will be harmed? Isn’t her past an example of this? People were punished in the past. The innocent side of the woman tells her, “Save him.” But her dark side says, “Leave him alone. Let him pay for his cowardice and sins. “

It is very painful for a human to remember the past. She has options, but she knows what her choice will be. She tells him in her mind, “You have shown me the truth of this world with your eyes. The world is not friendly, and this world is not for me. A part of you lives inside my heart, which has made me strong. I am not emotional anymore. Tears don’t come out of my eyes anymore. No one can feel my sadness because I completely covered it with my smile. I have covered my soul with strong hatred and inhuman walls. It protects my feelings and helps me stay away from others. Now nobody can play with my feelings. I gave you so much love and respect that you did not deserve. Using my feelings and making me suffer was your biggest mistake. You have taken everything away from me in exchange for loving me.”

She often gets confused about whether the intensity of her pain or her love for him is stronger. She smiles at those people that cannot respect themselves. The same people give her a speech of honor and respect. She can forgive him for forgetting her. But she will never forgive him for allowing others to insult her love. Those people did not know her, but he knew her very well. She begged those who did not have his soul.

But no more because now she has complete control over her emotions. She is drawn to the demons. She tells the demons, “I am ready. I know it’s time again. I am waiting for you. Come and get whatever you want.”

Of course, the Demons are on the corner. She will not stop them. Demons always attack her weakness. She has only one weakness, and everyone knows what her weakness is. So how can she hide her weakness from demons? A great devil lives inside her heart, so how will the demons win this time? Demons always defeat innocent spirits and passionate people. She is no longer emotional or innocent, so where will the demons attack now?

What will the demons get this time? They always want something. They do not like returning empty-handed. She will allow the demons to take whatever they want. Will they take away her restless mind and shattered soul? Or will they do something different this time? Will they think that the great devil has already taken away everything from her? So instead of taking something from her, will they leave something for her? Will they leave anything for her after seeing her emptiness? No, because Devils and demons only know how to take it away but do not know how to give away something. Even the demons are probably not aware of it. Only God knows what lies ahead.

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