The 3rd Black Valentine’s Day

She thinks, “Wow, time passed quickly. I want it to pass more quickly than this, so the life cycle will also end quickly.” This is her third valentine without him. Can you believe it? They had never been away from each other for more than three days. Now, it has been over two years.
She writes to him on Valentine, “Altaf, do you remember me? People say that there are many Saras available for you. But for me, there is only one Altaf whom I call my Bobby. You know very well who has given you this name. Do you remember the little fatherless girl? That beautiful little girl asked me to call you “Hubby Bubby.” She always called me “My Lady” instead of calling me a mother.”
She further writes, “I’ve been happy the last few weeks. But I cried a lot today. I am still crying while writing this post. No, you can’t feel my pain or see my soul. Every Valentine, you used to send me a virtual flower. People still insult me ​​because of you. I didn’t die without you, but I have stopped living. You were the love of my life and will remain the love of my life. Unfortunately, I can’t hate you. I’m not sure why I can’t hate you. You had chosen a different path, but I am still standing in the middle of the road. I will stand there until you come to redeem me. Do I have hope? No, I don’t. Do I love you? of course, I do love you. Are you not the one who used to say to me, “Use your inner eyes. Today, I suggest you look with your inner eyes. Find the real culprits and show some courage to provide justice to the woman you once loved most. Dear Altaf: “People say that I have started acting like you. They are not wrong. I become like you, which I am not proud of.” Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Of course, there are many other Saras for you, but remember that there is only one bubby for me. Any woman can become Sarah, but not every woman dares to become a Munna. Do you remember what I used to tell you? I want to remember you today for the sake of your divine love. Can you find the culprit? I do not want to punish the culprit. I will never hate you, and I’m just upset. Maybe you will light a candle somewhere in a hidden place to pay tribute to your love today. I will pay tribute to my love in my chosen way.
Be happy. God bless you and your family.

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