My Favorite Winter:2021

Medically, winter is not good for depression, but it works the opposite for me. It has been snowing heavily for the last few weeks. I have taken some time off from work, and I enjoy the snow looking out of the window. Yesterday, I heard some noise, so I looked out of the living room window. My neighbors were cleaning the driveway, so I thought about doing the same. I could neither open the patio door nor my garage door. Only the front door, which is covered with a porch, was able to open. Now that technology has changed, so you don’t have to shovel the snow in the old fashioned way.
When I came out of the front door, I loved it. There were no boundaries left. Everything was covered with snow. There were no sidewalks, alleys, driveways, or front yards. Everything was covered with white snow. My favorite X-Mass Reindeer family is still buried under the snow. It was still snowing. I was just standing there. I forgot to clear the driveway. I was lost in this charismatic beauty of the snow. The combination of snow and wind had made me feel like I was standing in the middle of Antarctica. I’ve never seen the Arctic except in movies. But it’s on my bucket list. Without doing anything, I stood there for a long time. My neighbors were probably wondering why she was still standing in the cold if she is not cleaning the driveway.

I have no words to describe how I felt standing outside while it was snowing heavily and the wind was flowing at high speed. I can still listen to the musical sounds of the wind.

When I woke up this morning it was still snowing. It suddenly popped into my mind, “Munna, you are working today, and how will you get your car out of the garage.”
When I was sleeping, my Gardner had cleaned the driveway in the morning. Thus, I took my car out of the garage without any problem. I started driving toward my work while it was still snowing heavily. The trees looked absolutely white.

I noticed small snow hills along the roads and in the parking lot. I felt like I was driving the car in heaven. I currently work during the day unless someone requests me to cover their night shift. Now, I stay awake during the day. I spend my time enjoying the beauty of snow. White snow always brings me back to my childhood, which was the happiest part of my life. I have heard the weather forecast that there will be frequent and intermittent snowfall until March. I want the forecast to be correct. I live in the north, so the snow is heavier here than downtown.
I want the snow to last forever because it makes me happy. sorry, friends who love tropical weather. I am selfish when it comes to snow, rain, wind, or clouds. I can’t tolerate the heat. I almost fainted 10 years ago in front of Costco due to heat and humidity. Sometimes I fear that snow, rain, or cold weather will disappear like dinosaurs due to global warming.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Winter:2021

  1. I am always curious about your stories Sara. Whenever I see your new post, I never skip it. Now, I am free…enjoying your post. Keep it up.

    I especially like “ The mud house ”. enjoy ❤🥶

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  2. Wheeeeeee! We have more snow, too! We got 8 inches of snow overnight, which is a lot this far south. I just spent 1 1/2 hours shoveling our sidewalks and loved every minute. That’s my form of play. Miles was frisking around for a bit, but it’s too deep for a dog of his age. I might take him down to the churchfield later this afternoon and see if he’ll play a little.

    Enjoy your winter wonderland, Munna!!

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    1. It seems that this winter season brought a lot of happiness to both me and Miles. My Banny loved snow a lot too. He was very clever and always found his way out of the house during the snow. He used to hide under the snow. I wonder why dogs love snow. It’s a good idea to take him to the church field. Take care of yourself. Thank you for everything. I feel much better now. Yes, there are still many days when old memories take over me.
      Snow is making my work a little busier because we get a lot of broken bones from slipping and tripping on ice: LOL. God bless you and your family.


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