Plz Don’t judge me, just listen to me

img_2945Yes, he said exactly the same words,” plz don’t judge me like others. Just listen to me for five minutes. Everyone treats me like a homeless or beggar.”

She looked directly into his eyes. He has a strange look. She doubts this man could be homeless. The look in his eyes has told her a different story. He had clean clothes and a smell of alcohol or cigarettes from his clothes. She doubted if he had dental pain or any other physical problems.

There was still one hour left to finish her shift. By the middle of the night, there was no rush of patients, she was not signing any new patients. She thought to discharge this patient quickly.

She sat next to him and asked, “How can I help you?” In response to her questions, he stated the above sentence. Those words had hit directly on her heart. He was shivering in the cold. He was hungry. Before examining him, she got out of the chair and told him, “Wait for me, I will be right back.”

The nurse told her, “Oh, he comes every day. he needs to see a dentist. I don’t know why people can’t take care of their needs.”

She ignored the nurse and continued walking. Her colleague told her, “I gave him a prescription yesterday, and a dentist referral was given.”

She respected her colleague and told him, “Yes, I know. But he is here for a different problem today.” Even his main complaint was still tooth pain.

She went into her doctor’s lounge and got enough food supply for him and some warm blankets. She is not quite sure if he has told the same above statement to anybody else yet or if she was the first one to hear his voice. The judgment word had shaken her soul. She was on the same road asking people to just listen to me. Of course, everybody had judged her and no hands came forward to help her.

She thought, “Everybody is busy in their own lives. Who has time to feel or understand others’ pain or suffering? Human nature has the ability to easily judge others. We have become very selfish and we are blind because our inner eyes are closed. I am not sure why those eyes cannot see anymore. I am not sure why we can’t feel another’s pain. Sometimes we get late to understand the situation, or sometimes help arrives too late. What could be fixed if the damage had already happened? There are a lot of people who just need a little help to choose the right path. Do we have time for them? Instead of making lame excuses or promises, we should show them a clear path. Clarification and direct approach often helps to make the right decision.”

The above patient was not looking for medication or free food. He was looking for the right person who could show him the right direction to start his life again. She was definitely not the right person to show him the right direction. At least she can help him meet the right person. Sometimes we need a little push to start or little helping hands. She often becomes sad and sometimes she cries. Maulana ji  often asks her, “What can I do to ease your pain? I have already taken you to the right path. She simply says, “Nothing, it is too late now.” Yes, it does matter if it’s the right help at the right time. She wished someone had tried to help her at the right time with the right approach.  Sometimes, wounds become permanent if not treated at the right time with the right medication.

The above patient spent the night in the ED in room 18. The next day, he was seen by the social worker who provided him with community sources. He was able to find a job at a local McDonald’s with the help of social workers and community sources.

10 thoughts on “Plz Don’t judge me, just listen to me

    1. you and others who were/are always there for
      me. I have not died without him but I have definitely stopped living. I spend my time taking care of others which I have learned from you and some other nice people. I do not have a lot of nice people left in my life. However, I believe in quality rather than quantity.. Thank you.


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