About getting rid of the shadows

Who’s scared of their own shadow? How many people love their shadows? Most people love their shadow because this is the only loyal one who follows you everywhere you go. If you are dying or fighting in the war or attending a wedding ceremony, the shadow will still remain with you. Even during someone’s wedding, in addition to the bride and groom, two shadows get married along with them. The shadow also dies with the person at his or her death. Technically, the shadow is the only one that stays with you in your good or bad times.
Has anybody thought about getting rid of your shadow? The paragraph has some deep meaning. Maybe some lunatic like her thought getting rid of their shadow. Well, it is not an extremely easy task. It is not cheap or quite simple to get rid of your shadow. There should be a valid reason to get rid of your own shadow. Many factors implicate when anybody decides to get rid of the shadow. How important is it to get rid of their shadow or what the person would achieve after getting rid of their shadow?
Sometimes, when they are walking through the darkness, the person temporarily cannot see their shadow. The shadow is still hidden in the dark, but the person’s inner eyes fail to see it. It depends on the density of darkness to hide the shadow, but it still remains with you. This was about the shadow of your physique.
How do you feel getting rid of the shadow of the soul or inner eyes? How will you be able to get rid of it? The shadow of your heart or soul could easily get rid of compared to the shadow of your physique. Some people call the shadow of your soul a conscience that follows you everywhere. It guides the person on how to act, when, and where. Thus, it is a significant part of our life. But getting rid of the beautiful shadow of your heart is not that simple if someone else is also involved in your shadow. Turning life off or sitting in a deep dark place will not eliminate the shadow of your soul. It will continue to hunt or follow you everywhere.
Some people manage to get rid of the shadow of their souls by going deeper into the darkness. Sinking into the darkness may help you to get rid of the de facto shadow. People with a string of faiths or who believe in hope control the shadow of their soul with meditation or praying. It also depends on how much you love or hate your internal shadow.
For the woman, she is deeply in love with her shadow. But she lives in tremendous pain because her shadow has extremely hurt her. She tries to get rid of the shadow, but the shadow is still with her at the end of the day. Her shadow mocks at her every day, “No, you cannot leave me. Or I won’t leave you. My silly woman, can you try to look inside of your heart? I am right there.” The woman replied abruptly, “No, you are diseased and toxic. I do not need you. You are a cowardly shadow. I do not respect or welcome cowardly shadows. So, leave. Go live with people who have similar qualities as you. I do not care anymore. It will help that you leave before I get angry. If you don’t leave willingly, I’ll take my soul deeper into the darkness where I won’t see you anymore.’
However, the woman wakes up the next day, and she still finds herself walking along with her physical and emotional shadow. Unfortunately, she loves her shadow very much. This is the reason she could not get rid of her shadow.

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