Into Her Dream



What should be the correct word to call this place? Was that place a school or a hospital or an old fort in the middle of a circular stadium? Should it call a place, heaven, or hell? It would be a mistake calling this place a heaven.
       She saw many familiar faces such as friends, foes, colleagues, and family members inside this fortress building. This fortress was built in the middle of the stadium. No, none of her dead family members were in the fort. A known face announced, “Don’t try to leave the building. Don’t try to escape. We don’t know what is in the woods yet. We are not safe in the stadium either. We are only safe inside this building. We need to work together. Regardless of your education and titles, everyone needs to do some responsibilities.

       The nurse assigned everybody a specific task. She was assigned to clean the top floor so that everyone could go upstairs, which was safe to live in. She grabbed the janitor cart and took the elevator to the top floor. As soon as she reached the top floor, she saw filth everywhere. There was no place to set foot on the floor because of dirtiness. For few minutes, she stood there while looking at the cart and dirty floor. She thought, “It will take a year to clean this filthy place before it becomes habitable.”
Suddenly, she saw a tall black man holding a small child at the other end of the hall. He also saw her and shouted, “My daughter needs help. She has some nasty rash on her thigh. You treated her last time. Can you help her, plz?”

       She looked at the man and the little girl and told them, “I’m only a housemaid. There’s a doctor on the ground floor. Take her there.” But the man kept shouted at her, “No, I want you to treat her like you did last time.”

The black man ran towards her. But she alerted him, “Don’t come to this side of the hall. You will drown in the dirt. Let me clean it first. But the man did not stop and kept running towards her. She started to run away from him. Suddenly, she found herself in the cave. She hid inside the cave. There were many small rooms in the cave. She opened the door of the unlocked room. she hid inside the room. Suddenly she asked himself. “Why am I running away from her? His daughter needs help. I should help her.”
     After she came out of the cave, she found herself inside the small tunnel. An old Hispanic woman who was already sitting in the tunnel, told her “I want you to see something.”

“Sure, but I need to help the baby first,” she told the old Hispanic woman.
She found a water pressure hose while looking around. She told herself laughingly, “Yeah, that’s a quick way to clean up the dirt.”
She cleaned the tunnel with pressure water. Now everything looked very refreshing. She saw the man and the little girl again. Now she was not afraid of them. She examined the child, wrote the prescription for the rash, and told the man, “Take this prescription to the local pharmacy.”
The man, along with the little girl, happily left the fort. He crossed the stadium. No one knew what had happened to him. Later on, it came to her mind why I told him to go. Outside is not safe.
She returned to the cave and asked the older woman. “Tell me what you wanted to show me.”
The old woman gave her a strange smile, “Do you want to see who had killed you?” She smiled, “Do you mean the one who killed my soul? I’m not dead yet. Could you show me? I’m brave enough to see the truth.”

The older woman pointed her outside of the stadium. There was a long line of familiar faces. Once, she blindly believed and loved them. No surprise, he was right in front of the line. She smiled and said sadly, “I know those people. They are my loved ones. I’m glad they took advantage of my feelings, love, and faith.
She started walking out of the building. She saw a group of women sitting next to another older woman. She laughed at them. She didn’t hesitate to mock them, “Wow, my family has very talented and well-educated women.”

After making their fun, she walked out of the building to find the black man and the little girl. Everybody started to yell at her, “come back. It is not safe out there. you will get killed.”
As usual, she became deaf and mute, and she refused to hear them. She crossed the stadium and lost in the woods while talking to herself, “Where does the virus live? It’s more dangerous inside the building than in the forest. I just saw the line of real killers inside the building”

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