The Strange Punishment

Once upon a time, a little girl lived in a place where the metropolitan city’s boundaries ended and had a small suburban began. No, she did not live alone. She lived with her mother and uncle. People used to say that they came from a beautiful valley and had started living here. Nobody knew why they left the beautiful valley to stay here. The girl’s mother was happy moving back because her brother and sister-in-law lived nearby now. Now she will not have to wait for years to meet her family. Her uncle was happy that he would not have to be alone at home. He was also happy that he would spend more time with his beloved niece. But the little girl was not happy. The reason was obvious neither did she see apple trees here, or any mountain was visible. Neither did she see her beautiful valley.

Who cares about children when older people make a decision. The little girl’s name was Munna, which means a small child. She was now a six-year-old girl. Her dark curly and dark brown skin was her identity. She loved her mother very much. But she loved her uncle more than her mother. Often she used to call her uncle a bearded mother. Everyone loved her very much. This did not mean that she had forgotten her father. Whenever she looked at the sky, only one thought came to her mind that her father would come to meet her from Russia.

There was a lot of love between mother and daughter. She spent the whole day with the children playing. It was heard that the little girl was very silly but more naughty. She could not sleep until she did some naughty things. Mother had great faith in her daughter. Like every mother, she was proud of her baby girl. The girl also loved her mother very much. She was very young, but she knew that she should not hurt her mother. Chachu used to say that heaven is under the feet of mother and father. That is why she always used to touch the feet of her parents or older adults. She used to sleep with her mother till the age of 16. It was not that she was afraid at night or dark. No, she liked the scent of her mother. She thoughts If there is a heaven in the mother’s feet, then sleeping next to her is safe. If the girl fell ill, the mother used to sit next to her daughter and recited prayer forth day and night.

Then what was happened that a silent wall formed between the two? The wall of silence changed everything, but one thing never changed. The distance between them was also a lot. Neither mother ever withdrew from her responsibility nor daughter. Over time, the distance also increased.

People say that the reason for this distance was also strange. The greed of their loved ones and their insecurity never allowed the mother and daughter to meet. It is also heard that the mother had taken away her daughter’s most important and lovable person for the sake of her family’s traditions and pride. And the girl took away her mother’s valuable and lovable person. Mother’s weakness and love was no one else, but she was that little girl. Later on, that distance was ended by the man with whom the girl was in true love.

This was a strange story in which a person separating the love from the person who separated her love. Mother realized this when she was taking her last breath. After some time, once again, the girl’s love was taken away. The girl did the same again. She separated the sweetest thing away from her beloved man. This time, there is a slight difference because no one knows what he has lost now.

It is unknown whether it is the fate of the girl or the punishment of the one who stole her love. Suppose that there is no judgment day after death, then the Almighty has given great punishment to the woman’s beloved man in this life. But it also depends on the soul of the person. If he is Satan instead of human, then he does not care about what he has lost. Now, neither does nobody care about the woman, nor she has other options or choices. It is said that the story has not been finished but has just started.

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