The Father and His Adorable Son: Amrit Veer Singh

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A small town surrounded by high mountains is located in the beautiful, which is thousands of miles from her incredibly beautiful valley. In the on corner of this valley, there is a small and beautiful house built next to the natural waterfalls and wild natural forest. This house is special because there is a cute little boy named Amrit, who lives in this house.
His doctor smiles as she stops the car in front of the house. The doctor often makes the house visit for the boy’s well being. At the corner of the backyard, Amrit is busy playing with his toys. He has lots of toys around, and he often gets confused about the selection of toys. He is adorable, but his facial expression is also very naughty. He often squeezes his nose and closes both of his eyes when he smiles or is happy. His dark curly hair and light brown skin also make him more adorable. His wide eyes are as curious as to his father’s eyes. Suddenly Amrit sees his doctor aunt and runs towards her. In his baby tone, he asks her, “Canny peaz (candy, please).”
While hugging him tightly, she asks the little boy, “You never forget about your candy.” Amrit gives her a beautiful smile. Often his smile makes her breath stop. His name has a special meaning. Amrit means pure, which is his first name. Veer means Bravo, which is his middle name. His last name is Singh, which means tiger. It is too early to predict if the child’s personality or behavior will reflect the meaning of his name in the near future. No, he cannot pronounce his name well at this time. His voice is not clear yet. What is your name, if you ask? He is not shy about telling his name, Amut. He doesn’t care about anything right now. He does not know what is right or wrong. It make sense because he is not even two years old. He wants to play and enjoy.

The boy’s parents are sitting on the porch. The doctor approaches them and talks to them briefly before she starts the boy’s exam. While the little boy play, his parents enjoy looking at their son. They adore their little child. Somehow, his father has a firm belief that the child would represent his name through his personality one day. After all, his father has named the child respecting the wishes of the boy’s late grandmother. The grandmother had chosen this name for her first grandson, which was rejected by everybody. Now, Almighty has unexpectedly completed the wishes of the deceased grandmother. Instead of the first grandson, now the last grandson has been blessed with this name.

Suddenly, the matter of child safety comes to the mother’s mind, and she asks her husband, “I am afraid that if something happens to the boy, or someone tries to take him away from us.” The father smiled, “Don’t worry. He is a Jaat and will come out of any trouble. Thanks to the Almighty who gave us this boy as his blessing.

Not sure if the wife has satisfied with her husband’s word. Is the father satisfied with his words? The boy even was in danger in his mother’s womb. Why is the father very confident about the boy’s safety while this little boy is always in danger?

The boy’s safety is at high risk because of the father; Otherwise, who would want to harm this adorable and innocent child. But why is his father careless about his only son’s safety? No, he is not careless because there are always two eyes on the boy. Those two eyes look at the boy from a distance. When it comes to the boy’s safety, those two eyes do not trust anybody, including the boy’s parents. What difference does it make if someone harm the child because of his father? No, it is not the father who can put the boy’s life at risk. They should be worried about a strange shadow. As long as the shadow stays away from the boy, the boy will be safe. The dark shadow knows well that the boy is safe as long as she maintains a certain distance from the boy. If shadow had gone closer to the boy, the darkness would enter into the boy’s life. Surprisingly, the dark shadow already knows its limits and boundaries.

No matter where the boy lives, but the matter is similarities and co-ordinations, thus, the family has decided to keep everything the same. However, no one is ready to think about how and who will answer the boy’s multiple questions as he grows up. Everyone has this dilemma, but they are not ready to face it yet.

Often her mother receives comments from others about her beautiful boy. Sometimes some suspicious eyes also look at the mother as they ask if she has kidnapped someone’s boy. The father always mocks at the mother, “hang my picture around your neck. Nobody will question you whether you’ve kidnapped the boy.” Both parents laugh on this topic.

When Amrit learn something new to do, his parents become incredibly happy. Suddenly the father tells the mother, “I know you never wanted a child. But it was always my desire to have a child. Your thoughts were different than mine. After the birth of the boy, I have realized that only our love will keep us together.

The father suddenly becomes depressed, but the mother is strong, who does not believe in darkness. However, the father had faced similar darkness in the past. Whenever he sees the boy, his memories go back 20 years. His family had two children with the same personality, black curly hair, and brown skin. Everyone loved those children. Everyone had high expectations from them. They were bright and intelligent. However, the darkness had taken those children away from his family. Both were killed at different places at different times. One was physically killed one month after being brutally attacked, while the other is emotionally dead.

A strange and cold shiver ran through his spine. He looked up at the sky. It looks like it will rain soon. He called the boy, “Son, come inside.” The boy ran towards his father. He gave his father a big hug, but his father’s eyes are searching for two hidden eyes in the forest. He speaks to himself, “Oh, the dark shadow, stay right there. Don’t get close to the boy. Let me make him strong like his name. I beg you.”

Both father and son went inside. But the two eyes continue to stare at home and always ready to act if anyone tries to harm the little boy. The father routinely tell the same story to the boy at bedtime, “Once upon a time, two beautiful and adorable children just like my Amu used to make everybody smile.” The boy always sleeps before the story goes further. Suddenly, the wife asks her husband, “Were they very bad children that nobody likes to talks about them.”

The tears wells into father’s eyes, “No, They were happiest and notorious children. One of them was physically powerful, while the other one was very confident. They were shadow of each other. They were safe while they stayed together. But they had a similar weakness.”
The wife asks, ” what was their weakness.” Amu’s father replied,” They were very emotional and had very weak hearts.”

The father shares secrets with his wife, ” I looked into his eyes when he was dying. I felt that he was telling me, “please tell mom-dad that let me go. I can’t take this pain longer.” I felt the same when I went to see the other one. I felt the same, “Let me go. I can’t take the pain anymore.” Both times I was helpless and couldn’t help them.”

The tear wells into his wife’s eyes and she left the room to clean the kitchen. Father continues looking at the boy and thinking,” Several decades ago, I often listened to the same question several times. Now I often ask the same question, “Why even is this boy born? Is he born for good or evil?” Why was his mother so stupid that she could not know until she was four months pregnant?” The father kisses his son, “No, I will never allow the darkness to come near you. Nobody had dared to save those children, but I am here to protect you.”
At the time of dawn, the dark shadow from the forest disappears. In the morning, Amrit wakes up and rides with his father going to the temple. Father teaches the boy how to bow his head in front of the holy book. Father closes his eyes and does the prayers, “mere sachche guru and patashaee de maalak, please protect my son and bless him a beautiful and peaceful life.” Tears wells into the father’s eyes, which Amrit cleans with his tiny hands. Both father and son start riding back home. Both know well a delicious breakfast will be waiting for them as they reach home.

Of course, God will always keep his blessing hands on the adorable boy.

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