Santa Claus, Can you fulfill my wish?

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No matter if you are a small child or an older person, you still ask for Christmas wishes from Santa. My son has already given me a Christmas present. He advised me very clearly, “Mother, open it on Christmas day, not before.” Like an obedient child, I have told him, “Sure, I will not open it before Christmas.”

Well, as my son crossed the main gate, I could not resist opening the gift package. I got so excited seeing two extra-large bags of my favorite milk chocolate. He also gave me a t-shirt which he has personalized with a photo of Banny. What else could be the best gift compared to chocolate and bunny t-shirts?

I still have a wish from Santa that cannot be fulfilled, but a wish is a wish, so I will still ask. I wish to return to the time when I was a child myself. If not a whole life, at least Santa can fulfill my wish for one day. so, Dear Santa Claus, can you send me a time capsule which would help me to travel in my lovely childhood.

The main gate of my house is fully opened. My Chachu is wearing a light brown traditional dress, and he is reading the newspaper sitting in the main lobby. While sitting next to him, I am playing with toys.

My mother is sitting in front of the kitchen, preparing food. She plans to cook Sarso ka Saag and Maki Roti. As to her habit, she yells at me, “Can you help me do something? Can you at least learn how to make tea? I doubt if this girl will learn anything.” I will ignore her completely.

Baru Baba will come to my house to discuss with my uncle about work. I would ask him to tell me stories of old times, especially the life before partition. Baru Baba was much older than my mother and Chachu, but still, he used to greet him first. Greeting my mother, he would tell her, Sardarni Ji, how is your health. May God bless your kind heart.”
My mother will ask about his children as usual. Baru Baba would tell her proudly, “Rab Di Meher (God’s will) and your support; they are doing very well in studies.”

Our maid will serve us tea. Yes, no one went from my house without drinking tea or lassi. It was a type of rule of this house or perhaps culture. Mother will tell me to help her, but I will choose to go out with Chachu. Mama’s lecture will resume, “I can’t understand this girl. I do not know what she will do when she is married, how she would handle her family. All the time, she wants to play; otherwise, she has nothing else to do.

On the other side of the fence, my older uncle would yell back at my mother, “Can you leave the child alone? I do not know why my brother will not leave you at your parents’ house. If you touch the girl, I will leave you at your parents’ house. “

Okay, they’ll get busy arguing with each other, and I’ll head out to the farmhouse with my Chachu. On the way to the farmhouse, I will try to catch butterflies. As usual, my uncle will stop for a few minutes to talk with my Brigadier uncle. Suddenly, I will see the plane in the sky, and I will say to my uncle, “Let us go, Chachu, we need to get my father home from the airport. His plane has already arrived here.” My uncle will not correct me this time, and we will start driving towards New Delhi. I will meet my father and enjoy chocolate and toys. I would ride the motorcycle with my father to the local sweatshop. I will drink sweet lassi and eat some samosas but tell the shopkeeper to pack a lot of barfi in different flavors. On my way, I will introduce my father to Abu and shout at the whole army, “By tomorrow, I want you to remove your tent from my place of play. My eyes are on you guys. Army uncle, can you make sure that they move the tent.’

Throughout the day, I would explore nature, roam the farmhouse, and will try catching butterflies. I will swim into the irrigation canal with my cousin Binu. I will play volleyball and karate. Surely, I would give Ponga and my neighbor lady a tough time, who always likes to tell my mother that I have done bad things throughout the day. I will beat up a couple of bad boys who always bullies my cousin.

At night, I would be tired, and my legs would be aching. I will tell my mother about my painful feet. She would politely tell me, “Put your feet on me, and the pain will magically disappear.” I will put both my legs on her and keep my arm on her stomach while resting my head on her arm. After a few minutes, I will tell her how my pain has magically disappeared.
Mom would not shout at this time but would rather speak politely to me that I should learn some household chores instead of playing all day with my cousin. I would say, “Okay, mum, I’ll try.”

In the morning, I will forget everything, and the routine will resume.

Suddenly, time will stop. I will be a child forever, and my life will be pain-free. I will not face any slippery slope in my life. I want to be a child again and wish that I never grow up. I wish I never had to suffer in my life. Maybe Santa will send me a time capsule to go back to childhood.
Santa, Please can you be kind enough to fulfill my wish.  Santa, I don’t want any materialistic things or toys. I just want to erase my bad memories and wish to be live like a life of normal life.

Thank you.

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