Let’s talk about God and Faith

Has anyone seen God yet? No, nobody saw God. Does anyone know whether God is male or female? No, no one knows the gender of God. But many of us consider God male, or they refer to God as “He.” Has anybody seen if the color of God is black or brown or white? No, no one knows what the color of God is? Does anyone know if God was/is in human form? No, no one knows if God was ever in human form. Does anyone know where God actually lived or lives? No, no one knows where God lived or resides. Humans are the most idiotic species on this planet if there are no answers to all those questions. Why is human stupid? The answer is obvious to my little brain as we keep fighting each other based on isms.
Why do humans attack the church, mosque, temples, or monasteries gurudwara to dominate others?
Nobody saw God. Then why is there a fight between different groups of different religions?
I think that God is our faith, whom we trust and obey. The messengers of God had created certain moral values, which show us how to follow those moral values by keeping faith in God. Everyone has their own faith, which they acquired from birth, or they have adopted later on. Then why we fight with others to prove my God is superior to yours, or Only my God exists, but not yours. Many of us do not harm others, or they always try to do good because of the fear of God. How many people do not harm others because of this fear?
Yes, I believe in God. I follow the rule of “Do No Harm.” I believe that God exists. I also believe that everyone should have the freedom to have faith in their choice of God or religion. When It comes to religions or God, I often get confused. Can’t we respect everybody’s faith instead of proving the superiority of our faiths? Should humanity be more powerful than God? Or God is the only way to show us humanity?

When it comes to God or religion, I often feel ‘lost in space.’ I wonder if this is why I respect each religion. I do not categorize any outlaws or terrorists into any “Special Religion Group.” I go to churches, mosques, Sikh temples, Hindu temples, and monasteries. I do not hesitate to stop at Shrines of Hindus or Muslim Peers etc. I celebrate Christmas, Eid, Diwali, and Gurpurb day. I am not surprised why I have stood up straight after falling badly several times in my life. I think all the Gods of different religions come to protect me. When a group of people of a certain religion or faith chose violence, why is the entire caste or religion blamed for their actions? God or any religion doesn’t tell us to harm others.

People of any faith may be outlaws, criminals, or terrorists. I am trying to understand why we do not identify those bad people without their religion. Does God teach us to fight with others? If so, where is it written in the holy books? Does any religion teach violence? No, no religion or god or special faith teaches or makes outlaws, terrorists, etc.? while killing or committing any crime, does it matter if a criminal or terrorist shouts the name of his faith or religion instead of shouting the name of his friend, siblings, children, or parents? No, it should not matter, or we should not blame the entire religion or tribe for a few criminals’ actions. They shout the name of their God in fear. They are coward and want to get the reward of selling their God. They are soulless, but somehow they know about judgment day. They want to get attention so their acts can be covered under the faith. They like to get support from the innocent public by using the name of God. Even people in uniform commit the crime, but they have a license to do it. They don’t use the name of God to cover their crime. They use their title to cover their crimes. I think I have answered why Islamic terrorists use the name of Allah? Either they are afraid of their sins, or they are manipulating the innocent public. As I have said previously, “terrorism doesn’t have any religion.” However, we see what we want to see because our minds and hearts are deeply covered with hate. We refuse to see the bigger picture or hate to think out of the box, which is any human’s weakness. We allow them to use our weakness, and they have taken good advantage of it.
They use the shield of religion to cover their fear. Humans are sentimental and paranoid compared to other species on this planet. I heard many times that you find their weakness if you want to defeat them. Human being always very emotional when it comes to religion, which also becomes their weakness. Clever or diplomatic or political people always chose human beings’ weakness to overcome their own mistakes or apprehensions. If so, does God make us weak?

I often get confused when I start thinking or asking about God, faith, jihad, or violence. While God does not have a specific identity for himself or herself, why are we trying to create an identity for ourselves? Are we superior to the Almighty? I think that we identify our religion or faith through our actions.

Please clarify my mind or thoughts without attacking any specific religious group. Bloggers are from diverse cultures, beliefs, countries, so please say something without hurting anyone’s feelings or emotions.

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about God and Faith

  1. Hey, Munna Sara! Hot topic!

    I suspect a lot of “religiously” based terrorism and hateful political activity is really about poverty and lack of opportunity or fear of these things rather than about God. When there is enough to go around, people of different faiths can and have lived in harmony even if they disagree about the path to pleasing God.

    As a Christian, I believe that Jesus is the way. But, if I am honestly and thoughtfully reading His words and trying to live them out, there is no room to hate or persecute others who do not share this belief. Instead, scripture says I should love people and share God’s best whenever and wherever there is an opportunity. Not always easy, but certainly worth my best try!

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