I support Indian farmers


BBC London has said, “Farm bills: Are India’s new reforms a ‘death warrant’ for farmers?”
Indian express has said, “Farmers’ protest explained: What are the big concerns, what can the government negotiate?”
Time of India on Dec 05, 2020,”Despite India’s warning, Canadian PM once again comments on farmers’ protest.”

PM Modi is hiding in the PM house at New Delhi. Don’t have courage to come in front of them. 

I support the farmers of India, especially the Punjabi farmers. Currently, there is anarchy in India due to the new farmers’ bill, which has just been passed by the upper house of parliament. The farmers feel that this new bill of privatization of agribusiness is not in their best favor. To some extent, they are correct. Indian is the oldest democratic country in the world. Then why the rights or freedoms of farmers are taken away. Privatization of any business is not a suitable option for the Indian population as there is a financial gap in the Indian population. Basically, the rich will get richer with this act. Farmers will be poor. They will depend on the mercy of rich people who may refuse to buy produce from farmers or ask them to sell at a lower price. In the United States, privatization of business is a good option, but not in developing countries.

I support farmers because my uncle was a farmer, and I have inherited the farmhouse after my mother’s death, which is located in the State of Punjab, India. My farmhouse has been protected in Punjab due to the NRI Act, which favors the non-resident of India.

Now, farmers are protesting in New Delhi. Farmers across India are marching towards New Delhi. Millions of farmers have already staged protests in New Delhi and blocked the major highway. I do not know about the rest of the Indian farmers, but I am very familiar with the kind and liberal Punjabi farmers. Baru Baba worked in our farmhouse and raised his four sons, and imparted higher education to them. All their children are rank one officers in India now, but they never forgot where they came from. My friend, Veeru, is also a farmer who has been in police custody since the passage of this new act.

The protest is not only in New Delhi, but farmers’ supporters are also protesting abroad. There have also been some peaceful protests in New York and California. Not to mention, more than 80% of the doctors are from peasant families. Canada and Australia are full of farmers’ supporters.

Lately, is everything going wrong with my country of origin? The political party is not in favor of the minority population. The first, they had abused the Kashmir 370 Act, and now the new Farmers Act are the current government’s dictatorial act. Has the Prime Minister of India set foot on the wrong ground? Does he forget who he is messing with? Yes, he is playing with the wrong State? They should know that there is a lot of difference between Punjab and the Kashmiri population.

In ancient times, the lower caste never had equality as compared to the higher caste. Nowadays, there is no similarity between rich and poor. Once upon a time, India had a famous slogan, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan,” which means hail to the army and the farmers. The current Prime Minister has failed both farmers and soldiers. He is just busy making rich people rich.

Where are my friends who are more patriotic and smarter than me? No, everyone is busy fighting each other based on religion. They do not have time to support the farmers who bring food to their table at the end of the day. So far, who written for solders of Pulwana, Galwaan valley, or now about the farmers. Of course, they will repeatedly write, blaming particular groups as terrorists. But no single word for them who protect us and put the food into our mouths. Not to mention, the sons of those farmers also guard the borders from foreigners. What if they leave their posts to help the farmers like they abandoned their posts in 1984? Who will stop foreigners there? Are they just waiting for the right opportunity? will you and I protect the borders? No, we are just tigers in words, but our country’s real protectors are soldiers and farmers who are continue to fight for their rights while feeding us and protecting us.

India has the smartest people in the world. Still, India will never be a developed country because we are divided because of different religions. Our old dirty politicians are selling our country’s soul, and we are watching just because our brain is covered with the fog of hate for each other.

Sorry for being blunt but the truth is always harsh and hard to digest.

16 thoughts on “I support Indian farmers

      1. Anything Can Be Explained To Those Who Have a Rational Mind and Want To Listen. Nothing Can Be Explained To Crowd Because Psychologically Crowd Has No Mind. I am In Delhi and I am Facing These Guys On Daily Basis. They are Used as Tools For Political Interests. I am practically Nobody To Argue With a Person Like You. You Have The Indepth Knowledge About Our system But I am Saying What I am Seeing. 🙏🙏🙏

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      2. So u like to set and watch kind of person. Those farmers have brain to understand so open your mind in front of them. They will listen to u. They may pick up something good. So be brave to clear the fog.

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      3. Thank you. The farmers want to sell the produce whoever they want instead of having contract with agri-business firms at low cost. The new law was recently proposed in which they need to sell their produce to those firms which is not profitable for small scale farmers. It can be profitable for large scale farming project. However, 86-88% farmers are in small farming businesses. They hardly make their endings. Sometimes they borrow money in advance from the buyers to meet their ends. In India, there is great gap of rich and poor. The farmers fear those rich agri businesses firms will dictate their own terms, and farmers won’t get accurate prices for their crops. They want to dismantle this new bill.


  1. Good info! I am just two generations “off the farm” in my family — so I also feel strongly about this issue. No farm, no food. No farm, no beautiful Indian cotton fabric — the best in the world.

    I’ve read about protests in France in which the farmers let their livestock loose in the city streets or unload a rather undesirable pile of something outside of government HQs. 🙂 Gotta love farmers — all over the world!

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    1. My uncle was a farmer and my father never went to our farm. I am still keeping it because they belong to our ancestors. I don’t know how many generations back, my family had the farmhouse. I often miss catching the butterflies 😀. Well, those were the good days. Thank you, Nora.


  2. its actually no issue. Everyone supports farmers, no one in his right mind can oppose Kisaan. We are Krishi Pradhan Country still. These laws are near perfect for poor farmers all around the country, but not the ones who owned corporations and industries(read Akali dal ministers-ex-NDA) to buy from the poor farmers and sell to the other party. The laws are their loss. And anyways they did the damage, least can be said about this issue that it lost people’s respect on 26th January.

    Anyhow we will keep seeing these people on all upcoming laws on this street or that highway, because Parliament Is long lost to irrationality 🙂 !

    Anyways thanks Sara.
    Nara x

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    1. I didn’t like it either. I do condemn disrespecting Tricolor on the 26th. But it was a loss for the current govt too. Technically, it was a govt loss. No, the farmers have not lost their respect, instead, they start international support. I am not talking about Pak or China. I neither like nor support any political party or rich tycoons. The farmers should have given their rights to sell in an old fashioned way. It is up to them if they want to bear the loss or what. I am glad to share your thoughts on this topic. TC


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