Need Help Writing in Hindi

Hi dear bloggers.
I speak at least six different languages. Geographically, I had to move a lot during my school life. LOL, But I am not perfect at any of the languages which including my motherhood tongue. I give myself credit 60-80% speaking all languages. Once my British English teacher had told me, “Speaking English won’t make you perfect or genius. It is all about your brain that how it perceives or interprets the information. And how you use that information to get the maximum benefit out of it.”
Anyway, I want to write in Hindi but having a hard time writing it. Does anybody know which software I should use to type in Hindi? Please help me to find some sources.
Thank you, everybody.

7 thoughts on “Need Help Writing in Hindi

    1. I write what my heart says people says I speak from my heart. I am born with a bad gene which means “speaking the truth”
      I have paid price of speaking the truth but it won’t stop me. I don’t write fiction. Only what I have witnessed. Everyone has a different political view but at the end of day, we are all humans.

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