The Second Wave: Stay Away, Be Safe, and Be Healthy

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Corona’s first wave began in late 2019, but many countries were not aware of it until February 2020. It doesn’t matter how or where it started. However, it does matter how the virus is controlled if not completely eradicated.

The first corona outbreak hit us in late December last year, but most of us didn’t know about this mystical virus until late January or early February. We were not ready. No one was ready. Both the private and healthcare sectors were unaware that the epidemic had already knocked on their door until it was too late. As such, everyone had to face a lot of challenges. Honestly, no one knew how to handle this situation other than using the protective gear. I couldn’t save myself using protective gear.

The virus has affected the socio-economic situation, the healthcare sector, and the political arena globally. It has claimed many deaths and continues to do so to this day. This led to violence and terror.

I don’t know about others, but I had a bad experience with corona. It wasn’t fun at all. I still have the remnants of the corona. I often feel gasping for the air, which I call “day apnea”. The symptoms are similar to sleep apnea but it also happens when I am awake. Will I survive if I suffer from corona again? I have doubts about it.

A colleague of mine works in the corona vaccination trial program. She said, “It will take a while to finalize it, and phase two is in progress. We are our own until FDA approved it”.
The regular flu season is in the fall and winter, and it peaks at the end of Dec to February. We mostly get the flu vaccine in September. However, this year, I was told to get my flu vaccine soon early.

As a front-line healthcare professional, we’ve had faced a lot of deadly viruses, but the corona is still a mystery. The first wave came without any warning, so none of us were ready. Hospital supplies ran out, and I used the same N95 mask and face shield for one week and a regular mask for 24 hours. Hospitals faced shortages of medical equipment and supplies. However, we did not have a shortage of staff. Healthcare professionals went beyond their duties to help the community. They went from low-risk to high-risk areas to help patients. Health epidemics During this epidemic, they have become real heroes of the community.
Once, our emergency room was full of corona patients, or the rooms were blocked due to isolation. The warning sign of isolation outside the door was like a slap on our face. Alarms from medical devices and ventilators were the only sounds we could hear. Often we hear the overhead code, “Code Blue or Code RT.” One of us run to the place of the code while the rest started searching for who we were going to lose soon. However, everyone fought back.

Last year, restrictions and the use of PPE helped us a lot. Local small businesses were open to the public after all security measures were in place. Corona has taken away the freedom of many Americans. No one would allow Americans on their soil for a while.
Last week, corona cases began to rise again. Corona’s second wave has already begun to show its fear among the people. Last week, in Kansas, the entire residents of the nursing home fell ill with coronavirus, and eight lost their lives. The mayor of Chicago also has reimposed a curfew after 9 p.m. Prevention is important at this time because we do not yet have the vaccine. Social distances, social isolation, travel restrictions, and hand washing are the best ways to help yourself and others.

Have people started taking the virus lightly? Many think the coronavirus is similar to the seasonal flu. No, it is very dangerous. last year, had we eased the restrictions ahead of time?
Are we ready to handle the second wave? Yes, we are. Hospitals are well equipped and full of medical supplies. Now, the frontline staff is well versed in managing Corona patients. We have learned from our mistakes and experiences. People are also cooperating by using PPE, creating social distances, and keeping their masks on.

It is an unpredictable virus, so the second wave of the corona is also mystery. We don’t know how it would impact our lives and how long it would continue. All we know that it is on our doorsteps. How we welcome it, it also depends on us.


 Stay away, BE Safe, and Be healthy

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