The Power leads to silent treatment

Almost 27 years ago, my mother decided to ship me to the United States of America. I was not happy to leave my country. I was so upset with my mother about her decision. In a very firm voice, she said, “A person needs two things to survive in this country: power and money. I can give you money, but I will not be able to provide you power. There are no men left in the family who could protect you. I am getting old now. You are a young girl. Look around this 14-foot concrete fence built by your uncle to keep you safe from wild animals. I doubt this fence will keep you safe from the demons of society. Your Chachu and Abu are dead, and your father is on the death bed. There is nothing left for you. Please go and join your cousin Binu. A mother knows her child well. I know you will not use the money to buy power because you believe in your father’s teachings.”
After listening to my mother’s lecture, I grabbed my backpack and held my brother-in-law’s finger tightly. He was a decorated brigadier in the Indian army, so he came inside the plane with me. Maybe he had followed my mother’s orders. I was a sassy brat and, of course, a rebel teenager. He kissed my forehead and said goodbye to me before the departure, but I held his finger tightly and started to cry, “I do not want to go to America; how I will talk to the people over there. Everybody speaks fluent English, and I know only the alphabet of English.” Finally, he said politely, “You have a brain, so please try using it.”
After 27 years, It came to my mind that my mother was right. Power and money are important aspects in my country to survive with dignity. Looking for my so-called estranged husband, I have seen the power of power. Someone asked 5 million from me to take his rank and uniform away. First, I cried, and then I smiled. Mother was right again that I won’t buy power with the money. Our parents know well what we are capable of doing or not.
Power is also important to survive in my native country. I knew it while living with him. I have realized the value of power more since he left my life. My parents and my estranged husband never exposed me to the outside world. The reality came outside when he ran away like a coward and left me to wander alone in this world.
I have always succeeded in hunting him down. I am always able to approach him. I had always found a way to connect with him. Those powerful people had listened to me carefully, but they always gave me the silent treatment. I am not sure if they had sympathy for my pain or just needed information for their personal purpose. I felt fear in people’s minds. Who will dare to talk with a powerful man? It makes me wonder if he is so powerful or are people so weak and fearful?. However, everybody has forgotten about the supreme power of the almighty.
I remember our childhood phrases, “which is more closure: Punch or God.” This phrase works well in my beautiful valley where law enforcers think they are God while some think punch is more closure than God. People have chosen to get scared of power and punch. Nobody has seen the afterlife and judgment. What have I gotten from all this? Silent treatment, fake promises, and of course, reality. The lies always win in my beautiful country, but the truth will end, especially on judgment day.

5 thoughts on “The Power leads to silent treatment

  1. You know Sara it is the same all over the world – Money Power and Sex drive everything. In a way Power and Sex go hand in hand with money.

    But there is the other side too – beauty of the soul. God/Allah is all Love. And Satan too is His creation.

    May He give you peace

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