The Privacy

My tears have only become mine. My pain has become a permanent part of me. So, why did someone else have to see my pain and tears? For others, it’s just a story, but for me, my life is taken away from me. My soul is shattered into many pieces. For others, it may just be an incomplete love story. But for me, my life is incomplete without him. My love was taken away from me due to artificial ego and materialism. I still remember, “what people will say if they learn about this relationship?”. Does this mean killing someone’s soul? What do people think when they see someone cry in pain every day?

I decided to keep this website for myself only because it is my pain and tears. Every word is written with pain and tears. The relationship is always built-in heaven, and my relationship with him is eternal. I was born and raised with this belief. Do I have to change my beliefs and feelings toward that materialistic gossip? No, I don’t need to change myself. I will keep standing on my ground while keeping my promises to him. It doesn’t matter if he keeps his promises.

Today was the last day of my hopes that I knew would be disappointing. I need to end this miserable life. But I will let the Almighty decide. No faith or hope anymore.

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