The Happy Farewell

She sits on the rock on the bank of the river. she is eating an apple. Everyone can hear her apple-eating voice while she chews the apple loudly which everyone finds annoying, but she is careless. She is looking very happy. The river could not control himself, so he asks the woman, “Can you eat quietly? Don’t you know how to eat? It is not a good manner to make noise while eating. You are disturbing my peace. ”

The woman laughs and tells the river, “Liddo, shut up. Let me enjoy my apple. You are just making an excuse, so you don’t have to do your job. your job description includes continuing to flow the water to the next destination. Don’t tell me what to do and how to do it.”

Lidder becomes depressed because he did not expect this answer. But he gives the message to others through a calm flow of water.

The valley received a message from the water and came to meet the woman. Valley asks the woman, “What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you crying today?”. The woman neglects the valley for a while. Finally, she speaks to the valley, “Do you mind? Don’t you see that I’m eating an apple? Do you want me to eat it or choke on it? I can be happy too. I’ve come to see you. This could be our last meeting, but although it is not my promise.

The Valley is surprised to hear this, but she again asks the woman, “Why are you sitting alone? Where is he?”

The woman laughs loudly, then tells the valley, “He disappeared like antlers on donkey’s head. He is hiding from me. He is hiding from reality. I saw him this morning. He was looking good.”

The tall and heavy green trees tilt their beautiful branches towards the woman and ask her, “Why are you not crying?”

The woman gets up from the cliff and shouts loudly, “Can you hear me? I’m not crying because I know the reality now and I’ve accepted it. I will be a mean person again. I’ve learned that How to live alone. I have also learned not to trust anyone. I hate when some people try to show kindness to me. I turn those people away from me. I have learned how I can protect myself from the demons. I’m happy now. I will not see you again. Please, my beautiful valley, can you stop coming to my dreams. Why do you and he still come in my dreams? Okay, I’m going now. Be safe. May the Almighty bless you all ”.

Meanwhile, the woman returns to her safe zone after learning many new things. Her beautiful valley watches her leaving but all know the woman will be back again because they have a strong and strange connection to each other. On another side, the woman cleans her tears and laughs again.



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