The little girl and Sara


The soldier’s little girl gets alive inside of her before she goes to bed. The little girl feels insecure. She also feels lonely. It often comes to her mind, “Why no one loves me anymore. Everyone loved me. Everyone adored me. Where have my loved ones gone now? Can anyone hold my finger to lead me in the right direction? I’m very confused. ”

Abu’s little girl often looks around to find him. As the sun sets, she begins to feel insecure. She looks up at the sky to find the shining stars. She cries if there is no star in the sky due to rain and dark clouds.

However, she wakes up knowing that the soldier’s little girl had been brutally murdered by her hubby bubby. She is no longer a little girl. She now remembers herself as Sara, “Didn’t you go to find him, and you were killed. Don’t connect emotionally with anyone. I’ll save you, little girl. Just hide behind me. The world is not safe out there. People are selfish and they won’t understand you. This world has changed dramatically, so you need to change with them. Your Abu is dead and your bubby has killed him again. Do you understand? Where is your brain? Get up from this bench and walk fifteen feet to your right. Do you remember this place? Abu had died here. So don’t look for him anymore.”

The little girl is stubborn and said, “no, I don’t want my Abu to die. He lives right in my heart. I don’t like being Sara. I want to live like me. Sara is a mean woman who doesn’t like anybody. But I love everyone and everyone loves me.”

The little girl often tries to find herself inside of her heart, but she always gets disappointed because she does not live inside her heart anymore. Sara lives inside of her because the little girl had killed slowly and brutally by her hubby bubby. Does anybody know about the little girl anymore? She could not find herself. Thus, nobody could find her anymore. She has hidden behind Sara. She feels safe, hiding behind Sara. Sometimes, she wants to come out, but she gets scared and hides again. The little girl was born, but her hubby bubby has created Sara.

Anybody can become Sara, but it is not easy to become a little girl. Abu had taken many years to polish a little girl but her hubby bubby took only a few hours to kill her. Often, the little girl desires to live long and happy, and she also cries for help. She looks toward both Babaji and Allah, and she continues to weep until she falls into sleep. The little girl suddenly hides again when she remembers her bubby’s advice, “don’t expect anything from anybody.”

She writes to her bubby. Surprisingly, her strength was gone in a few hours. Her soul was killed very slowly and brutally. Many tornadoes came into her life and she not only faced it but also won each battle. She lost the last battle not because of her being weak. She lost the battle because of her love for him is stronger. Her wailing soul and tearful eyes are the witnesses of her pain and love.

Sara is different than the little girl. Sara always tells the little girl, “you are weak. Everyone used to call you unique and lovable. Now you understand why they had to call you a unique? They could have told you that you were stupid enough to believe everyone. I have made you strong. I protect you.”

Sara also shares with the little girl,” Everybody had loved you. Everyone has adored you, but nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I heard Abu used to call you “unique and lovable kid.”
The little girl supports Sara, “No, you are better than me. You don’t trust people easily like I used to do it. Being unique and lovable means not a good thing. People could take advantage of your being nice. No doubt, I like the old version of me. I want to live like a unique and adorable little brat kid, but I have a great fear inside of me. Often, the old version of me wants to come out of the cave but I feel so alone and scared, then I go inside again. Sara, can you be kind enough to stay with me forever? Don’t let the old version out. I am tired of fighting with my fate. Can you fight for me, so I can rest?”

Next day, Sara goes out to work on behalf of the little girl. Sara keeps the little girl safe and secure. Even Sara doesn’t like being Sara, but she doesn’t have any other option to save the soldier’s little girl.

Now, the little girl learns Arabic every day, so she can learn the Quran in the real version. She believes that everything will be normal in her life if she read the real version of the Quran. She has a great fear in her mind too.
In the end, the little girl gets off the green bench, and start walking to the right side of the bench, and stops exactly at the fifteen feet. She touches the soil with her hands. The tears wash off her face instead of Abu’s blood. She looks toward the sky. Her heart is filled with pain. Her memories are making the situation worse. She asks the soldier, “Abu, Can you come just a few seconds to talk with my Bubby? can you tell him how much I am hurting without him? I can’t call my mommy. You know better why I can’t call her?”.
She looks away toward the house, farm, and play place, but she decides to go in a different direction. She doesn’t have any hope, desires, expectation, or any dreams.

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      1. Glad to know that you’re fine. It’s upsetting in these turbulent times when we don’t hear from our friends and dear ones. Just thought of checking on you. May Allah bless and keep you safe and healthy wherever you are. 😀🌸💐


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