The act of cruelty or war crime in the Galwan Valley of India

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed on June 16 in the Galwan Valley on the Indo-China border. It was midnight when 300 Chinese troops entered the Indian side. They hunted down Indian soldiers and beat them with daggers and knives. They wrapped their sticks with barbed wire to beat the Indian soldiers.

This was not an army operation. It was cruelty or a war crime. Why do people harm others? Why do people not hesitate to kill or harm others for selfish reasons? Why do people hurt other people for their false pride? Why do people hurt others because they want everything for themselves? Have human beings completely lost their humanity? Have humans become so blind and deaf that they cannot see the suffering of others? Can one try to put on another’s shoes to feel the pain? Has everyone lost empathy or sympathy?

Many new questions continue to add to my journal instead of resolving the old ones.

How often I see people get killed by bullet wounds or car accidents. Yes, it is sad when someone dies. Early morning, I had to read this news that the 20 soldiers were killed, and many were injured. What’s wrong with these people? Why do they keep killing for a piece of land? Is there no value to human life? Are earth and pride more important than human life? On Twitter, some people didn’t hesitate to show their happiness because India lost 20 soldiers. Seriously, it was not a game of cricket, so you people are very happy that India has lost the game. Don’t you people feel bad when someone in your family dies? Don’t you mourn for them?

Show some respect for yourself, if not for humanity. It doesn’t matter who dies, but it hurts when another human being has lost a precious life. But no one cares about the precious life of humans. They only get when Hindu or Muslim, black or white, Chinese, or Paki, Indian’s dies. How much can you feel great and happy when someone dies or suffers?

Soldiers always die in battle, but brutally killing someone is a war crime and inhumane. I would not say that they acted like wild animals because it would be an insult to the animals.

Sometimes a person dies instantly with bullets, or sometimes it takes a while to die. The killer has to pull the trigger once. Later, they may regret why this happened. But to kill someone with barbed wire, knives and daggers require repeated attacks. Victims have more pain than bullet wounds. Repeated attacks can lead to mental and physical trauma. Why don’t the killers think anything when they repeatedly attack someone?

I am not sure about the others, but after reading the whole article, I have become so sad. I felt as someone has attacked me. The wise man said, “You are a true Indian.” However, I feel that I am just a human who is against cruelty. What will be the psychological state of the survivors in that killing spree? Are Chinese soldiers really happy now? Have they gained this land after killing 20 people? How can they sleep now? I felt a trembling sensation in my spine when I read about the killing of unarmed soldiers. I became very sad. I cried while hiding in the bathroom because I felt pain in my heart. Sometimes the nature of the injury is different, but the pain is the same.

The Prime Minister of India has no specific answer for the public or the families of the martyred soldiers. The government’s opposition has the best chance of blaming the political party in power. The Indian media is not brave enough to bring the truth to the people. The public has divided into several groups, so they do not hesitate to write whatever comes to mind. They don’t think with their brains before they tweet. No one has empathized with those soldiers; Instead, some people have encouraged India to attack China without knowing the consequences of wars between two fully-nuked countries.

This could have expected from the locals. So far, no foreign country has condemned China’s atrocities. Where is the UN now? Are they ready to stand between the Indian and Chinese armies? What is the value of sub-zero temperature Galvan Valley compared to human life?

I saw the live cremation of a young Punjabi soldier whose mother carried her son’s coffin on her shoulder. The face of weeping souls of the mother and three sisters are still before me. The mother lost her son for the country, but she showed so much bravery and love for her country. What about our politicians? How long they will continue to play a dirty game of politics. Can those politicians send their children to the borders? Every other person is a politician or journalist or activist in my home country. Can they sit at the borders to defend their country? The younger generation is fighting each other in the media instead of taking appropriate and peaceful action. The fate of the country is now in the hands of the Almighty. Almighty, please grant prosperity and peace to my native country. I salute those soldiers and their families.

I have many questions. I want someone to answer my only question. After the land had irrigated with the blood of twenty young soldiers, which motherfucker (pardon my language) will grow a plant in the sub-zero temperature of Galwan Valley?
It is interesting to read that both countries had agreed in 1996 that Nobody will use the firearms. Both countries also had an agreement that guns and explosives be prohibited along the disputed stretch of the border, to deter escalation. Had they forget to agree not to kill anybody with any weapon, which includes knives, batons, and nailed sticks.



( Chinese used multiple this type of weapons to attack India soldiers)

“Only God can help this world now”

4 thoughts on “The act of cruelty or war crime in the Galwan Valley of India

  1. I have come to learn that nothing goes waste. Not repercussions of cruelty neither kindness. It was traumatic for us to hear but what a night was that, at least can only imagine what it must have taken a man in the freezing night to keep kill like an animal !!!

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