A top-secret mission: Finding the familiar scents

Banny had a strong sense of smell. Somehow, he knew when she had come near to the home. It didn’t matter if she left work late or early. She had found him in front of the door waiting for her. She often asked him, “How do you know I am here.”. Of course, he could not answer her but always shown his affection wiggling his tail and had tried to lick her face. No, he did not have any psychogenic ability, but he was very familiar with her body scent.

She still remembers her mother’s body scent. Now, she feels that she has a similar body scent like her mother’s scent. The familiar scent provides us a sense of security. She still remembers his body scent. He had told her in the past many times,” I can sense your scent even you are not around me.”

Suddenly, it came into her mind when she decided to see her loved one before her surgery. She got lost in space and thought, “Will he be able to recognize my scent when I stand next to him. Will he recognize me by smelling the familiar scent? Yes, I will recognize him with his scent only.”

She is so stubborn that no one can change her mind. However, she agreed to have a company. She thinks, “Why do I need a bodyguard? No, he won’t hurt me. He could have hurt me a long time ago.”
During her last visit, she remembers what he had told her, “No, how can you think I can hurt you. I love you.”

It doesn’t matter if he harms her or kills her. His relationship with her was not just a flame. The longevity of the flame is very short but their love does go beyond life. It doesn’t matter what he says today because she can still feel his love for her. Their relationship is the will of the Almighty. It was written in their destiny before they were born.

She acted like a small child, “No, I want to see Abu and him before I go for my surgery. Otherwise, I will not have my surgery. I will run away without telling anyone if nobody will allow me to go. ”

She has become paranoid and is always in fear because she has lost her sense of security. This is major brain surgery with the possibility of complications. The surgeon will decompress the pressure in her blood vessels and nerves by lifting the cranial bones. It should have been a long time ago, but she had received a TPA during her stroke. Then, her blood pressure got out of control. She had a high risk of bleeding during surgery. Later, she continued to postpone, but now it is beginning to affect his daily life, so she decided to have surgery.

She often thinks, “I deserve it because I love him with my heart.”
She doesn’t trust anyone. What if she becomes paralyzed or loses her memory, then no one will take her to her place of birth. No one will try to get her to visit Abu. Who will take her across the world so that she can see her bubby from afar? She has decided to pay a visit while she is not dependent on anyone. No one had taken his father back to the valley before he died. That was his last wish. She refuses to accept the help of others, so she decides to fulfill her last wish.

She is excited when she realizes, “I will smell my valley. I will get a chance to sit at the bank of beautiful rivers. I will get a chance to revisit those places where once I had gone with him. I will smell his scent and I will go to see him from a distance. I will go to see my Abu.”

The mission of smelling the familiar scents will be top-secret. It will be fun: A top-secret mission.

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