The preparation for departure

She knocked at the door and then asked directly, “I need my passport back. Could you be kind enough to return it.” The man asked the woman, “Why you need a passport. The entire world suffers from this deadly virus. Where do you want to go? You are not safe to leave the country.”

The man noticed the sadness in her eyes. He could estimate the level of her pain and suffering. He told her, “Can you wait for a few more months? Can you go after your brain surgery?”

She said sadly, “what different my brain surgery will make it? I hate going under general anesthesia. It brings many old memories in my brain, so I don’t need it. At least, can you understand my situation? Don’t you know what I want? Everybody gives me a lecture.”

Suddenly, she hugged the man and cried hysterically,” I am sorry. I am trying my best, but certain things are not under my control. It is my time to say goodbye. I have made progress in my professional life because it was important to me. I never wanted that people will blame him for ruining my profession.”

The man said,” Should I salute you, or should I reward you for keeping your promise?”

She looked very depressed and sad,” Maybe I deserve all this. I could be a worse person on this earth.”

The man was concerned about the woman’s security,” You have created a lot of enemies. Who will help you there? Where will you refill your medication? I am not sure if all medicines are available over there.”
She painfully smiled, “well, either law or outlaw will give me freedom from this world.”

The man was in a dilemma now. He did not have options unless her doctor wrote it up that she can’t make her medical decision due to her impaired judgment. However, he also knows that it is not possible to prove. He was trying to physically and mentally make her strong and healthy, but she is getting more mentally paralyzed. He has read her psychologist’s report.

He opened the locker and gave her passport. She hugged him again and said,” I am sorry. I have failed you.” but the man was worried who would take care of her in the strange place.

Before he told her about his concern, she told him,” Don’t you worry. Everything has been taken care of it: food, electricity, local phone, and the internet. I promise to contact you if something goes awry. Even Susan has filled six months’ supply of my medication. I also promise and swear that I will never come in front of him.”

The man gave her final advice, “Please stay away from everybody which includes law enforcers and outlaws. It will help if you make a promise that you will close your eyes and ears and will become deaf if you see any injustice. Make sure you call me every day. I will call the embassy if I do not receive a call from you.”

She smiled and said, “who will kill the dead body? He has already killed me, and now nothing has left. He has forgotten me, but I am keeping memories for both of us.”

The man could see her sad facial impression and flood of tears in her eyes, but he could not figure out anything. The woman reached home and had started to pack for her unknown destination. He kept watching her until her car disappeared. He was in deep thoughts,” Is this same woman once was full of joy and notorious. Does her bubby has mentally paralyzed her?

5 thoughts on “The preparation for departure

    1. No, it is real. I want to visit Abu’s grave and of course I will see Altaf from distance before my surgery. I will have a access to the internet otherwise I will find the way to connect with the blog. Unfortunately, I am having hard time finding the flight.


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