Is my safe house really safe in a safe area?



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I have been separated from the world for the past four weeks while fighting COVID 19. I had no idea what was happening in my country. But also, I did not even know what was going on in my yard. I have always called the United States my safe zone, and my high-tech safe house is my safe home. A year ago, there was a time when my life was in danger.  I had received many threatening calls on VOIP.  I did not ask to secure me but being a USA citizen, I had granted additional security. I had suicidal thoughts so why I could have asked for security.

Four weeks later, I went to work in the down Chicago. People were protesting the police brutality; about which I had no clue why they were protesting. I am a fearless woman, but I hate violence. People on the streets were not very friendly. However, the nature of my job always motivates me, “Don’t stop, keep driving.” Fortunately, no one has thrown a bottle in my car, and no one tried to stop me. The police never stop me because my vehicle is registered as an emergency vehicle. What about opponents? There may be any of my angry patients in the crowd.  However, I was safely managed to enter my workplace. The hospital was also locked down.

The curfew was in process. Seriously, curfew in the United States. I’m not in my home country. Of course, I was not in my home country; Otherwise, I could still be shot by law enforcement because I am a reckless and fearless person. Listening to the news on TV was also horrible. when I reached the hospital, police officers also updated us on the situation. I have never parked my car in the staff garage, but the security guard took my keys, and he parked my car in the garage. The news was also not very friendly. Some local businesses had appeared to be on fire. Violent protesters had thrown cars upside down.

It is rare when home guard teams came on the American street. Usually, the local police, sheriff department, or gang squad, or SWAT teams reinforce the law. I have seen many peaceful protests but not violent protesters like this. Now, Mr. President has yelled at the governor of the states to control the situations. Otherwise, he will deploy our military on the USA roads which can escalate the situation.

The peaceful violence is the right of each American. But the violent protesters should not be done at any coast. Many businesses have destroyed. First, Coronavirus has influenced the American economy, and now these human-made violent protesters are busy burning in the enterprises and looting the stores. Does this violence is the only solution left for justice?

After completion of my shift, I had left in the middle of the night to go to my home. It was chaos in a downtown area. On my way, the road was blocked by the protesters. The police escorted me through a different route.  The officer was right that the people are so angry, and they would not understand your essential job. I had made back safely home without incident. It is part of my job, so I cannot just sit home. Working on the frontline, I have faced many times this type of situation. I pray for peace, but somehow, the violence never forgets to cross my path.

God knows what would happen next. I had seen many curfews, violence, counter attacks.

It has created a multi-million question in my mind. Does my safe house in a safe zone is safe? The violence must stop. I feel sorry for the young man and other people who lost their lives due to police brutality, but the violence is not the solution.

“God Bless my America and India”






2 thoughts on “Is my safe house really safe in a safe area?

  1. “The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and they are safe.” Praying that kind of protection around you wherever you are in this trying time! Be safe, Munna Sara.

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