was the dog mad or what

There was a small and beautiful village in the valley. People were poor but living peaceful lives. They were illiterate, but they took good care of each other. They shared joy and sorrow, and they were kind to each other. The village was very pleasant and quiet.
One night, a stray dog ​​came to the village. He kept barking. Some people thought the dog was crazy. One villager thought the dog was hungry, so he gave him some food. After eating, the dog started barking again. Again people thought the dog could be crazy and upset.
An intelligent and thoughtful woman thought the dog might be sick or in pain, so he took the dog to a local vet hospital. However, the dog did not have a physical illness. Instead, the dog had been in this small town for the last two days and had been continuously barking.

It started raining at midnight. The dog was barking like crazy. The dog started knocking on the door with its paw. People thought the dog was afraid of rain; he was banging on the door. A villager opened his door to stay the night in his house so that the dog could stay the night. The man looked outside of his house. The rain was getting heavier, and there was water everywhere in the street. The man shouted to wake up his neighbors. The town was flooded with water. People got up and grabbed some essential things and animals and started to walk up toward the higher ground.
The dog was barking and running in front of the villagers and took them safely to a small hill. Thus, the people camped on the top of the mountain. Now the dog was relieved; thus, he went to sleep comfortably. After that, he was neither barking nor restless anymore.

Now the villagers knew why the dog was so restless and kept barking. He had already experienced the flood. So he shouted to warn the villagers.
My father used to tell me the story of this dog, so I did some research to see if the dog could already feel the natural disaster. Unfortunately, there is no evidence-based study, but this is not a new phenomenon either. According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Free Environment Research and Public health, animals can experience many chemical changes in the environment. The Dog has an olfactory sense, 10,000 to 100,000 stronger than a human. Some theorists think the Dog may be able to hear infrasound.

I understand now why my father repeatedly told me this story.

The wise man said the ancient people were so wonderful even though they were illiterate and used to think breaking the promise was equal to death. Nowadays, in this modern and scientific era, only god knows how many educated and brilliant people die multiple times in a day because they fail to keep their promises.

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