A snake in her dream

She has been afraid of snakes since childhood. She had built a playhouse where she often played with her cousin Binu. The playhouse was built in the farmhouse. One evening, she put her hand in the playhouse to take out some belongings while Binu sat next to her. She could not see, but she touched something soft. She immediately took out her hand. Suddenly, a snake came out of the playhouse and stood in front of them. The snake moved his fangs so fast, like he was ready to bite them. Both she and Binu screamed. Her uncle had run towards them, and he had killed the snake. Later, she heard that the snake was very poisonous. No one survives this type of snake bite. After that incident, she destroyed her playhouse and never built a new one. She feared that the snake would return to bite her or Binu. So now, she has a snake phobia.

However, last night a snake came into her dream. She saw a slow worm crawling on the road while walking on the street with Ina and Banny boy. A few feet away, a snake was also sitting on the road and blocking the way. Suddenly, the snake came forward and swallowed the slug worm. She hid Banny and Ina behind her and succeeded in passing the snake. She whispered to the boys, “Run, be safe. I’ll divert the snake’s attention.” The boys ran away, and she was ready to run away, but suddenly, the snake moved toward her and wrapped himself on her wrist. She looked at the snake and said to him, “Please, don’t bite me. I have to fulfill my responsibility. I have left something unfinished, which I must fulfill before I die”.

Suddenly, the snake turned into a little boy and asked her, “Well, I won’t bite you, but you need to buy me some fresh vegetables.” She was overjoyed and said, “Okay, let’s go now. But make sure you stay as a person, not as a snake. I’m scared of snakes or any creeping insects”.
The snake promised to live as a human. So they went to a nearby store. But, of course, the store was located in its native country market. So she bought some fresh vegetables for the snake. But the snake boy also picked up a soup cup and said, “I want to try this soup.”

Subsequently, she saw the snake boy paying the cashier with her debit card, but he also demanded $ 40 cash from the cashier. She told the snake boy, “You are only allowed to buy groceries, not materialistic things. Money is also a materialistic thing. The snake boy listened to her and returned the cash to her. she said to the snake boy,” Okay, I am afraid of you. Can you be kind enough to leave now? Please never come before me. You frightened my boys. Now I need to find them ”.
The snake boy looked at her and said, “Goodbye, you kept your promise, and I will keep mine. I will never come before you again”.

After dealing with the snake, she started to walk up the mountains to find Banny and Ina. On her way up, she saw her hubby bubby offering the namaz on the side of the street. She stood by him for a few seconds without disturbing him. She wanted to touch his hair as she used to do it. However, she pulled her hand back and smiled. She adored him and then went to find the boys in the mountains. Both Ina and Banny were waiting for her. “Let’s go back to our safe house. It is scary here”.
Three of them walked toward the safe house.
She woke up in the morning and couldn’t figure out why this dream came in. She was not surprised by her bubby and the boys. Instead, she was concerned about the snake and why he came into her dream.

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