The Hunters rob the robbers

Ri was sleeping quietly when her phone rang. She ignored it, but the phone continued to ring. She did not want to pick up the phone but had no choice. In her half-sleep, she answered the phone and told the caller, “It must be better news to wake me up in the middle of the day. Recently, I have had homicidal thoughts. Why does it come into my brain? That you can be my first victim “.

However, the caller ignored her stupid response and told her, “Ri, you will be surprised to know my intel news. I have raised some important intelligence that you would be very interested in.”

Ri told the caller, “I’m not interested in knowing this. The boss has asked me to become blind, mute, and deaf, and if this news arouses my curiosity. He also has advised  me of acting like an idiot.”

The caller said, “Hmm, well, I’ll send you an encrypted message. This will be your decision. Don’t tell me later that I’ve hidden some information from you”.

She hung up the phone without saying a single word. Later, Ri heard the sound of an incoming encrypted message. She could not resist for long, so she opened the message. After reading the message, she had many expressions on her face, which she could not decide whether it was an expression of anger or happiness. Finally, however, she texted her entire team, “Hey, dysfunctional men, if you’re not too busy, let’s go for robbery.”

Owl, the pilot fighter, texted back, “Robbery?” are you feeling alright?”

Suddenly Ri realized her mistakes, “I mean to say,” let’s rob the robbers.”

Everyone was sitting bored while waiting for their next assignment. Therefore, everyone decided to help Ri to solve her curiosity. The next day, the teams of hunters had met somewhere in the Middle East. The team members include Ri, Lee, Catcher, Compass, Eye, and Owl. No, this is not their real name.  Compass is a computer genius who can hack everything and always help the team to get out safely from the danger zone. Of course, Lee trained as a man without a weapon. The owl is a pilot fighter, the Catcher is a sniper shooter, and the Eye is an essential eye for Catcher. Finally, Ri is a hunter of bad people but doesn’t believe in killing. Ri always goes first to hunt, and the rest of the team joins her when ready for combat actions.

After 24 hours, Ri and her team were lying on the grass under the sky on the two anonymous countries’ unknown line of control (LOC).

Ri said, “Everyone on this planet has a price tag. Some people have a materialistic price, while some have an emotional price. Everyone has some weaknesses, including myself”. She looked through the telescope in the dim light, “I want to know how people sell their soul or faith. What are their price tags? Why did everyone choose different price tags?

Everyone looked at her, “Are you okay?”

She screamed and said sadly, “Yes, I’m fine. I’m curious. ”
Compass said, “Ri, what will you do after solving the mystery and curiosity.”
Ri laughed painfully and said, “I will cover my eyes, plug my ears, and sew my lips; as the commander said, sometimes it is okay to be silent, blind, and deaf as sometimes it ends the chaos.”

They were lying in the bushes behind the stones when suddenly they heard the voices of the local soldiers. No matter what side of the troops they were, they looked like an army patrolling the border. Ri’s team held their breath for a few seconds. The patrol team remained a few meters away from them. After the patrol team left, everyone took a long deep breath.

Eye said, “Now, I have a great curiosity. Does the transaction take place in a local currency or dollar or euro? ”

The Catcher laughed before anyone said it, “Is the price tag refundable or non-refundable?” They laughed softly in whispers.

After a few hours, when the night deepened, they saw what they had come to find. At a distance of at least 500 to 700 meters, they noticed some movements. Finally, Mr. Catcher said, “Hmm, your intelligence report looks 100% accurate”.

The team came into action before the intruders crossed the other side of the LOC. It was a now or never kind of decision. Two of them targeted 5-6 people trying to infiltrate the other side of the LoC. Within 5 minutes, the team of hunters did their work, clearing up the evidence and leaving the scene. On the way, they heard some firing, which stopped after a few minutes.

Does it matter to what extent they chose to disappear? However, they left behind at least 5-6 people dead.

After two weeks, the team reunited in the rural areas of Europe. Lee said, “Do we have a report yet about our unauthorized robbery?”

Ri was sad, but you could also see some shame on his face, “No, nobody claimed anything. Nobody claimed responsibility. No bodies were found at the scene. Local sources said they heard rumors that both sides of the army opened fire on each other without any casualties. Once again, F — king, a-hole, has sold his soul and country. They sell their countries for materialism. What a shame!  They should be punished as war criminals”.

Owl said, “At least we saved a gallantry award and stole someone’s price tag.”

Ri said sadly, “Yes, you are right. No young soldier died. No elderly father had to bear the corpse of his soldier son. No young woman had to become a widow, and the mother did not cry over the son’s body. So let us leave the current job and continue to hunt for robbers “.

Everyone left the cafe saying goodbye to each other until the next assignment, but Ri still sat there, “What is the definition of patriotism? A soldier stands in the cold and is trying to protect his country. Somewhere, in a comfortable suite, two enemies shake their hands to make a new deal, or in other words, they sell their soul and country. The higher their rank and the higher the price they get. A common soldier dies without knowing the truth. The soldier’s family receives the gallantry award amid his death, and his wife receives the widower’s pension. His children get free admission to the school and can later get their father’s job. It’s the real cost of a faithful martyr or a soldier. Their low-income family does not know the actual price tag for their martyred son, husband, father, or brother. They are happy with medals and widow pensions worth a few dollars or more. However, it is a business deal for someone else. It is not called patriotism. Politicians and high rankers play a game of passion for their namesakes of religion and nationalism. The son of the top ranker or the politician never dies protecting the borders. The public is deaf and blind in the name of patriotism, and some become mute spectators due to fear.
Ri becomes blind, deaf, and silent as her commander always advises her. Ri thinks, “Thank God I’m not part of it.”

4 thoughts on “The Hunters rob the robbers

  1. 👍 nice post.
    Patriotism too is politicized now. Except for few brave countrymen who serve the country selflessly, they are the true heroes. These are the true patriots and that is what patriotism call for, a brave heart willing to sacrifice ones life for the nation🇮🇳.

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  2. Fiction! Fun! The ending raises some good points for people from every nation.

    Like Ri, journalists see a lot that makes us very angry. When I run across situations that are wrong but are unlikely to be made right — there are so many — my go to is Psalm 37 from the Bible. It offers instructions as to how to emotionally and mentally deal with the presence of true evil.

    Keep up the good writing! 🙂

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