They are gone. Will they ever return?

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They are gone because their job is not essential. This is how they were told to leave. She said in a loud voice, “Well, we’re in trouble now, so they’re no longer necessary. They’re not good for us. So we decided to throw them out. Have we lost our humanity?”

Toddermall politely told her, “Girl, take it easy. We have no choice. ”

She called from the West Coast to the East Coast, “You have told them to leave. How can you do this? Do I really know if anybody is good left on this planet”?
The mentor/boss knows her well, so she said, “Take it easy. It’s a professional executive decision. We need to cut costs to save for the future. You’re smart enough to understand the current situation.

She asked her mentor again, “will they ever come back?”

Her mentor said, “Don’t compare your situation with theirs? Not sure if we would be able to afford them sooner, but of course, one day.”

She asked again, “can you be kind enough to forward their contact information so I can check on their well-being.”

He did forward the information.  The girl has emailed everyone to convey the message, “We miss all of you. Everything seems up and down without you. Insha Allah, we will see you soon”.

Who are they? They are a group of college or university students. They are the future of the medical world. They are talented and intelligent. They are in their late teens or early twenties. Often, she calls them, “they are my work kids. They are our future. I see my past in them. They see their future in us.”

Who are they? They are called writers who are trained to learn medical terminology. Med America outsources them to several medical groups. They hear but do not speak. Instead, they type when the patient speaks or when doctors speak. They act robotic in front of the patients, but they are very friendly when working at the desk.
They do everything for us. They write our conversations with patients. They are our hard drives or memories. Working in a busy environment, remembering everything is not easy. They write all physical findings and history. In other words, they are preparing Janam Kundli for the patients for us. I could forget, but they don’t.

They type everything except writing orders or prescriptions. At the end of the patient’s visit, they present a beautiful picture of the patient’s care in the emergency room. Of course, it helps us to see more patients. The proper documentation helps the company to get more reimbursement. They get paid minimum wages, but their company gets lots more money from our group.

However, the scribers get a lot of benefits from working with dysfunctional geniuses like us. In their free time, they do their classwork and aren’t afraid to eat our brains. Sometimes we pick their brain. Often Todarmal said, “I want to know how genius the future doctors would be so they could take care of me.”

The scribers know what we like or dislike. They know when we are hungry or want to get coffee. Some came from medical backgrounds, but others were trying to climb the stairs by themselves. We give them a perfect recommendation, which helps them for admission to the medical school. They also learn many things while working. They love asking questions. All of them are full of curiosity. They see their future in us, and we see our past in them.

Boss said, “you guys will get your luxury back as soon as the economy improves.”

Yes, technically, they are our luxury for us. But, of course, we will get our luxury back. But, unfortunately, this particular group won’t be back. By then, they may have become doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or scientists, or some may leave the medical profession and change their majors related to some non-medical carrier.

They are gone. Our luxury is gone. God bless a bright future for all of them.

She sent them a group email, “we are here if you guys need any help.” The woman could not write, “You know how painful it is. I am not one of them who will leave the people because they are not essential anymore. Her brain was stuck somewhere when she remembers how painful it is when we throw some critical people from our life because they are not useful anymore”.

She lost her life: “My bubby had done the same thing. I was just in trouble for him. So he left me behind. However, I am not my bubby. I will email them again until they settle down”.

2 thoughts on “They are gone. Will they ever return?

  1. I’m sorry part of your team is gone, Princess Warrior. Blessings on all of you.

    Daily life has become like walking on sand, hasn’t it? It takes faith to know that you know that you know there is solid rock somewhere beneath us. I may not always “feel” it, or even “know” it. But, I can HOPE it. You can, too!!

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