Why this world is so empty?

She was trying to reach him while she was in a deep sleep. She took her hand out of the blanket, and she raised her hand in an unknown direction like she was trying to hold his hand. Then, she woke up screaming and calling his name. The direction of her outstretched hand was towards the picture of her Babaji. She looked at Babaji, and she bowed her head and asked, “Why is this world so empty? Who says the world population is 8 billion? I don’t see anyone around me. Why am I alone? I know that you’re with me, but where is my bubby? ”

In her dream, she asked the man many questions. He could not see directly in her eyes. He was sitting in the middle of her yard. She grabbed his hand and took him to her childhood play place. She pointed to the place and said to him, “Look at this place carefully. You have insulted the Khan tribe. I am not sure whether your silence was a work of cowardice. It was the work of your talented mind. You had acted cowardly to save yourself, but you have no idea how much you hurt me. You often told me how much you love me. Now it seems that you have raped my feelings and emotions. ”

Many years ago, she gave him an unforgettable speech. Last night in the dream, she gave him a similar speech.

She says to the Almighty, “I can’t believe why I still love him. I still care about him, who left me to die alone. I’m telling the truth today, but no one believes me. I stand alone. I am afraid that he may be punished by the Almighty if I walk out of his life. I will never forgive him, but I must try to forget him. He has given me a life that nobody offers to enemies. Why me?? I will certainly write about the damage I am experiencing. Should I curse him? No, never. Almighty, please allow me to see him at least once if he dares to face me or look into my eyes.”

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