Have A Faith: The Same Flight and Hour


After work, she was on her way home when she received a phone call from a friend who was ready to depart from New Delhi to the Valley on the last flight. The phone call suddenly knocked her heart out. She felt restless in her soul. Her brain got heavy. Many memories kicked her heart and brain at the same time. The glow on her face disappeared automatically. She felt a deep sadness in her heart. She always tries her best to distract from the old memories but never succeded.

She is very familiar with the same flight at the same time. Many times at the international airport, she had run so that she would not miss the last flight to Srinagar. Thank God, the airport authority always had given her a priority being a first-class passenger, and they had helped her to catch the last flight of the valley. She did not like to be alone in New Delhi. He always had received her at New Delhi airport after her mother had passed away. He knew very well that she would cry like a baby if nobody had come to receive her. He knew her well.

Suddenly She remembered that once her international flight had delayed, so was her connecting flight to Srinagar. She cried at the New Delhi domestic airport being alone. She was not used to traveling alone. Somebody always used to with her. Her tears flowed like heavy rain because she did not want to be away from him for one day. She called him. She was crying and talking at the same time. He was on his way to receive her at the airport when she told him about the cancellation of the flight. The situation was critical in the valley, so he could not come to receive her in New Delhi. He said, “Munna, have faith. I will not leave you alone in Delhi. I will meet you there.”

She said, “But how, there is no way. I don’t want to be alone here”. He said, “I will manage it.” The man gave up his duty because he did not want her to be alone in a strange city. Now, she thinks where is he now. she is all alone now. Nobody is left to wipe her tears. She gets scared to be alone.

She never had traveled alone but now she looks for him everywhere alone.
He took the same returned flight and reached the hotel at precisely 1900 PM. He even did not change the uniform. He had just put the jacket on the top of his uniform. Thus nobody knew that a senior officer flying solo without any security.

Memories were suddenly beginning to flow back and forth in her mind. Is this the same man who could not leave her alone for an hour? Is this the same man who cannot see her tears? Is this the man who jeopardy his life so he can reach her? How could the same man give her tears forever? How can the same man leave her alone in this world?
Her life now depends on old memories. Gloomy memories make her cry easily. Happy memories make her smile. Nobody needs to ask her how she feels because both her voice and eyes convey the state of her heart.

While driving, she had cried hysterically. She tried resting on her bed, but she could not sleep. Her eyes were closed. She felt his presence. She could see him in uniform standing next to her. He told her, “Munna, see, I’m here now. Don’t be afraid. Sleep. You look so tired. You’re not alone. I’ll never leave you alone. You remember what I told you. That distance doesn’t matter in our relationship, and my love for you will remain the same”
She suddenly opened her eyes, and she also felt his presence with her open eyes. She told him, “yes, I remember when you told me. I remember the exact location. I was on the exit point of State Highway 47 from Highway 99 to the east. It was Nov 21, 2018, at 0430AM.



“The wise man said that your wounds are the entry for the almighty’s light, and your pains are the messenger which will lead you close to the almighty.”

9 thoughts on “Have A Faith: The Same Flight and Hour

  1. I feel so sad when I read your posts and your stories, my heart whispers silent prayers for all those who are struggling with their lives and and for you definitely!
    Just believe in Allah Almighty, have trust in Him, and His plans, He loves His people so much, more than 70 mothers! When you leave things on Him, they’ll always have a good end, may be you don’t know but some day you’ll know, cause everything happens for a reason! you’ll feel better Insha’Allah!!
    My prayers are with you Sarah!💖🌷

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