The Last Door

Like fate, God has created our relationships in heaven. Some relationships we get at birth while some connections we make while traveling on the path of life. She thinks, “I feel dejected from my soul without him. I feel that the Almighty has formed my relationship with him in heaven. My peace has gone since he left. For the peace of my soul, I start praying loudly to overcome the pain. “If that relationship was made in heaven, why did he leave me? Why am I so restless and sad after a year and a half if my relationship is not real? ”

The woman had knocked on several doors that closed directly to her face, but she had blessed those people, “Thank you, God bless you.” Only one door has been left open for her, the door to the Almighty’s house. She stands outside the door and says to the Almighty, “I will not come in until you don’t hold my finger. I will always wait for you.” She is stubborn and has been standing outside the door for the last 1.5 years. Once, her feet had gotten swollen while walking. There were several open wounds on both feet, which healed in a few weeks.

It was not easy for her to knock on those doors. She sold her pride before knocking on those doors. She had become a beggar while she was looking for him. Her soul is constantly bleeding, which is seriously injured. But her soul is not healed.
Many think that she is improving. When you don’t react to bad news, does it say improvement? Your world is on fire, but you see that nothing is happening. Does it make it difficult for her soul to feel anything? Does she only feel about his absence? Has the Almighty taught her to be patient? She doesn’t care about anything after he leaves her alone. The sorrow of the mind spirals around it.

She keeps her mind busy, but it just kills her badly enough that her pain becomes so intense in a few moments. His memories come suddenly, and it becomes difficult to concentrate on any task. There is a way, and there is only one way left. She starts reciting prayers because the pain of her memories becomes so intense to tolerate.
Her gaze was often stuck in one place. A dark and cold wave passes through her soul. But she begs loudly to get away from the pain. Was there no other way for her to get closer to the Almighty?

Love is divine. She loves him with divinity. Why would she still hurt if it was lust instead of love? Today was not good for her. She could not sleep because the strange feeling was bothering her. She could not breathe, causing her to wake up. Later, she was so scared that she refused to sleep, “I won’t sleep. Nobody will shake me off my shoulders if I don’t close my eyes. I’ll spend my time talking to the Almighty. Ramadan will start tomorrow for the rest, but I started it much earlier. What will be the difference? My love for the Almighty and my bubbly will remain divine. I won’t stop loving them. Trust and love will remain the same even though I lost everything. I still have my words and love. ”

As always, her mind is confused. She struggles to handle herself. Often, the demons stab her in the brain. The woman stands alone outside the almighty’s door and continues to knock, “Almighty, I am no longer myself. I am just a woman or just her’. Is that what my bubby wants too? If that’s the case, he won. Can you tell him that he killed my soul? He might feel better if you tell him. That day, he could not kill me physically, but he succeeded in killing my soul. Mighty, he is a genius. He knows how to take revenge. Almighty, you too, allow him to kill my soul. Don’t be a genius enough to give my soul away. But I will stand at your door forever. I will knock at your and bubby’s soul every day till my last breath. Do you think people will ever tell the truth after seeing me? I don’t know about others, but I will.

6 thoughts on “The Last Door

  1. Be well, Princess Warrior! Just drove past a COVID testing site while getting a lunch treat for the household. It looked like a sci-fi movie — all full-body suits on medical workers and heavy police presence. It’s a stressful time, but God is good even now.

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