The fight between her soul and brain

Many chemicals have controlled her brain well. Those are spread inside the entire brain like the water lilies have overcrowded the Dal lake of Srinagar. The brain starts to command her whole body to act wisely. The soul is not agreed with the command of the brain. The woman tells her soul,” Just stay where you are right now? You live inside of me, so don’t try to find another part of you. I don’t want you to go hunting anymore. The world is not safe out there. So, listen to the brain and act accordingly”.

The soul is not agreed with the woman and brain,” no, the part of me is missing. I have not met another part of my soul for the past 1.5 years. I need to rescue another part which lives inside the heart of your bubby.”

The woman keeps full control of her soul when she awakes. But she always lost control of her soul when she is in sleep. Her soul becomes rebellious and goes out to find him. The soul is not happy with the woman and the brain. Often, the woman wakes up screaming when her soul leaves to find another half of her soul.

Next day, the woman tells the soul, “don’t be rebel again. Don’t take advantage of my sleep. You need to learn how to live without meeting another part of your soul. Maybe the part of you will change the body and brain. Now a part of you lives in the body of the genius man. He knows what he is doing. It doesn’t matter how much you suffer or cry, but it will not impact him. You will continue to suffer, so leave this matter for the next life now.

The soul fights back with the woman, “Stop taking those chemicals, then talk to me if you still will like to stay away from him.”

The woman tells her soul,” Let’s go downstairs and meet my father.”

The woman walks down and sits on the last step of the staircase. In front of the stairs, his father’s portrait is on the wall. The woman often sits over there.

She talks to her father, “Dad, can you tell my soul to rest in peace until next life. She leaves my body during my sleep to find another part of her. My soul goes directly to the Valley to find the soul which lives inside of my bubby. Can you tell her that my bubby’s soul has blinded with the materialism? His ears have become deaf, and he has become a mute. My brain has understood well, but the soul is not agreed with the brain. My soul is not aware that I share my fate with my father. You died wishing taking last breath in the paradise. I will die one day wishing the same thing. People said that I am a female version of you. So, tell my soul that there is no humanity left in my bubby. Tell my soul, don’t leave me alone when I sleep”.

The woman’s brain is also agreed with her, “I am agreed with your daughter. However, the soul doesn’t listen to her or me. The man came to destroy her only. He is responsible for your daughter’s destruction, humiliation, and suffering. Your daughter had spoken the truth, which was a family matter. However, the brilliant man has becomes so silent even knew what the consequences would be. He knew well what your daughter’s situation without him could be. Everybody knows the one action of a genius person could have stopped the destruction. However, he has become selfish, and your daughter had paid a big prize for his sins. The price tag was so massive that your daughter couldn’t compete with it”.

The brain continues to talk, “Can you believe it how he let the part of his soul died intentionally? Now he is hiding from your daughter because he doesn’t have an answer to her question,” Who I was for you? What is your responsibility for me? Don’t you remember that swearing to God while making a relationship with me? Yes, you have mostly sworn to Allah and kids. Are they don’t have any value in your life? Don’t you remember what you used to call me? What is your responsibility? Where is your justice for the woman? You give justice to unknown terrorists, but what about the woman’s soul where you always have lived? Have you served the justice to her? If not, so why not? Oh, you could not serve her justice because she was not anybody’s sister or daughter? Unfortunately, her family is dead, so they could not pay the price tag of her daughter’s happiness”.

The soul still not convinced and so continues to defend herself, “No, the man has a second part of me. I am incomplete and dissatisfied. I am restless. I have a firm belief that one day the part of me would speak loudly to join me. I need to continue to knock at his soul. I believe in the man who will come forward in front of the world and will make your daughter alive again. I believe in my second part of the soul that he is a kind and gentleman.”

Her brain is genius and smart, which has returned to the pre-traumatic stage, so he talks to the woman’s father, “can you kindly remind the soul how your daughter’s life now? She lives in a cave. She is scared to hurt more. She runs away from humans. She killed her desires. Can you remind the soul of how hard to live without dreams, hopes, desires, and goals? Can you tell the soul how much your daughter had hurt while walking on the path full of thorns? Can you remind her soul how everybody scares of your daughter now? Can you tell her soul how people doubt whether your daughter is an enemy or friend of her own native country? Your daughter might not be crying every day now if that man had taken an appropriate action at the right time.”

The soul is not ready to give up,” No, I will continue to search him. I will continue to hunt my lost part. How your daughter can smile when I cry hysterically inside of her. This is all brain’s fault. The brain is continued to take control of your daughter. It means the brain continue to kill your daughter’s soul. I won’t let it happen. I want the same little girl who has a genius brain behind the innocent soul. Now this brain is trying to kill the real personality of your daughter”.

Suddenly a woman starts to cry,” Both of you be quiet. Dad, I am happy the way I live now. Nobody trusts me anymore. Tell Abu that people have a suspicion of my patriotism. Can you tell him that it is not my fault? I went to walk on each path, which could protect my love and my bubby. I am just tired now. I want to be with you guys. I feel alone in this world. I don’t know what to do. My brain tells me something different, and my soul leaves me while I sleep. People scare me. First, people wanted to be my friend, but I was only my bubby’s friend. Now, the same people run away from me like I have TB or Ebola or Coronavirus. It is a fear of power; otherwise, nothing else”.

The woman looks at her father,” Dad, do you still trust me? I have not done anything wrong. I am continuing to follow your principles. The society and culture in the Valley have not changed at all. The Valley is still 20 years behind the rest of my native country. People have become such greedy over there. The woman is always counted responsible for the mistakes, but the man gets the reward. People are scared of power. I could not find a man saint-like my father and brave like my Abu. Women are also not very nice there. They don’t mind stabbing someone for their selfishness. The women also play the game of cards there. They also love to see dying another woman because their eyes are covered with the greed of money. How I can expect my bubby would have the courage to return whatever he has stolen from me. I don’t have hope, but my soul is not agreed with me. Your daughter will not have a real smile anymore. Please help me to make my soul and brain friends again. This is an era of darkness, and everything is possible.”

The woman goes upstairs again and sits on the floor, where she feels the presence of Babaji and Allah. Her eyes start to shed tears. She can’t control her tears anymore, so woman asks from the tears,” now what you (tears) want from me? Are you just acting like my soul and brain? I have nothing to give away now”.
The woman grabs the pillow and blanket from the bed and tries to sleep on the floor just under the feet of almighty. She feels comfortable there. As usual, she doesn’t have any idea whether she would sleep first or tears would dry first. She also does not know if her soul would leave again to meet the second part of the soul. The brain continues to remind her,” go to sleep. You have work to do in the morning”.

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